Proposals made at Taylor Swift concert in S’pore as couples write their ‘Love Story’

Several proposals seen at Taylor Swift concert in Singapore

While Taylor Swift’s ongoing series of concerts in Singapore are a chance for fans to enjoy themselves and watch their idol perform, romance was also in the air.

Several men took the chance to propose to their partners while they were high on the thrill of seeing Swift in the flesh.

Source: AEG Presents Asia on Facebook

Most of them did this while she sang the hit song ‘Love Story’.

Most proposals take place during Taylor Swift hit song ‘Love Story’

On just Day 1 of ‘The Eras Tour’ in Singapore, at least five proposals were spotted by concertgoers.

The majority took place as Swift sang ‘Love Story’, one of her earliest hits from her second album ‘Fearless’, which was originally released in 2008. The re-recorded version was released in 2021.

Source: Taylor Swift on YouTube

The song is based on the timeless tale of Romeo and Juliet, with lyrics describing Romeo kneeling and saying to his paramour: “Marry me, Juliet.”

This seems to have prompted many Swifties to follow suit during this pivotal moment.

Proposals greeted with cheers from Taylor Swift fans

One of them was recorded in a TikTok video that showed a bespectacled man kneeling in front of his lady love.

Source: @ryllissima on TikTok

She seems to agree, as he slips a ring on her finger there and then.

Source: @ryllissima on TikTok

The couple then hug to cheers from their fellow audience members.

Another proposal was caught from afar but was no less magical for the fan who caught it.

The TikTok video showed the happy couple embracing tightly to the strains of ‘Love Story’. Swifties around them eagerly recorded the scene.

Source: @themichylala on TikTok

The user who posted it said she had been hoping to catch a proposal during the concert and it actually did happen.

Bride shares unexpected proposal

Yet another proposal during ‘The Eras Tour’ was shared by the happy bride-to-be herself on XiaoHongShu.

She wrote in Mandarin that she was already “full of happiness” at being able to catch Swift’s concert, but the night was made even better by an unexpected proposal from her boyfriend.

The clip shows the woman dancing and enjoying herself, initially unaware that her boyfriend had knelt beside her.

Source: Viel on XiaoHongShu

When she saw this, she was momentarily overwhelmed and placed a hand over her mouth, too stunned to move.

When she finally accepted the ring, the couple hugged.

Proposal takes place during ‘Lover’

A fourth couple seemed to follow a different path, though.

According to a TikTok video posted by a lucky witness, their proposal took place during the song ‘Lover’.

The song is the title track from Swift’s 2019 album of the same name.

The clip showed the couple hugging and swaying to the music, while the OP said this was the aftermath of a proposal.

Source: @jeffpcm on TikTok

A Love Story can happen to all

Last but not least, love stories don’t just happen to couples of the opposite sex.

A TikTok user managed to bear witness to a proposal apparently involving a same-sex couple.

The video started with a man in a shimmery shirt kneeling with a box in his hand as if to propose.

Source: @cheekybreakfasts on TikTok

Amusingly, it seemed the other guy also had the same idea as he fished out a box of his own.

This led to the first guy standing and the other one getting down on one knee instead.

Source: @cheekybreakfasts on TikTok

Eventually, the deal was sealed and the pair embraced to cheers and approval from Swifties around them.

Over the next few days of ‘The Eras Tour’ concerts, attendees can look forward to coming across many more proposals of all kinds among them, if they’re not planning to propose themselves.

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