Woman in US discovers husband’s affair after pet puppy swallows mistress’ thong

Puppy owner discovers husband’s affair after pet swallows mistress’ thong

A puppy’s recent trip to the vet exposed a man’s hidden affair to his wife.

Last Friday (17 May), a woman from the United States rushed her dog to the clinic after it fell extremely ill. Later, the vet found that something was obstructing the animal’s stomach.

Surgery revealed that the puppy had swallowed a thong, which the woman claimed was not hers.

After confronting her husband, the woman discovered he had been cheating on her, and the thong was his mistress’.

Vet finds thong in sick puppy

On Sunday (18 May), a 26-year-old Redditor recounted the shocking details of her first day on the job at a vet clinic in a thread about cheating encounters.

Puppy surgery reveals husband cheating
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A woman had rushed her five-and-a-half-month-old Labrador puppy to the vet after realising it was very sick.

An initial scan revealed that there was an obstruction in her yellow Lab, and the vet decided to perform surgery to remove the item.

To everyone’s surprise, a thong was recovered from the puppy’s stomach.

In response to queries from MS News, the Redditor added that the thong was a “very clear Nike brand”.

Woman discovers husband is cheating on her

After the vet explained what they had found to the puppy’s owner, the woman claimed the thong was not hers.

“A thong?! I don’t have a thong! I never had thongs,” the woman allegedly exclaimed.

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After furiously confronting her husband over the phone, it was revealed that the thong belonged to his mistress.

“What a horrible way to find out your husband cheated on you,” the post read.

In a subsequent comment, the Redditor stated that the woman was seemingly filled with rage and trying not to cry after finding out about her husband’s affair.

Thankfully, the puppy made a full recovery after the surgery, and the woman’s husband paid the price for his affair by footing the vet bill.

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