The Elderly Aunty Was Also Limping While Pushing Her PMA

On Tuesday (5 Nov), the partial ban on personal mobility devices (PMDs) took effect. Many PMD users discussed how they could skirt around the loopholes of the ban, by riding on grass for example.

Don’t try that, kids. It could lead to a $5,000 fine.

On the same day, a video surfaced on Facebook showing a makcik doing quite the contrary. She was adhering to the ‘no riding on footpaths rule’, pushing her personal mobility aid (PMA).

PMAs are, however, allowed on footpaths.


Perhaps she was not aware of this, which only shows that further clarifications on the ban might be needed.

Pushing PMA slowly on a footpath

In the 6-second clip, the makcik pushes her PMA while she’s on the footpath. It appears to be strenuous for her as she is seen walking very slowly.


The PMA might have been a tad too heavy for her. The elderly woman was also seen limping slightly, pointing to the fact that she could have been feeling discomfort in her lower limbs.

The location in the video is in Singapore but was not disclosed.

Netizens speculate reasons

Netizens who saw the video speculated why the makcik was pushing her PMA in the first place.

Some mentioned that the PSA’s battery could have been flat.


Another user agreed, but added that the PMD ban was confusing for some.


More clarification might be needed for ban

It is not known why the makcik was pushing her PMA. Yet, this might be an indication that members of the public are unsure about the scope of the ban.

The new ban only affects e-scooters. However, power-assisted bicycles are not allowed on footpaths too.

PMAs, on the other hand, are allowed on cycling paths, park connector networks, and footpaths too.

If you’re not sure about what’s allowed and what’s not, check out this handy guide, courtesy of the Land Transport Authority.


Hope users can comfortably use PMAs

Since the ban is relatively new, many could be unaware of what it actually covers. Perhaps the government can introduce measures to better educate members of the public in this aspect.

We hope PMA users will be able to use their aids without any worries or doubts.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Falcon Mobility.