10 Rachell Tan Facts That Show She Is Full Of Pixie Dust

PXD what?

One of the most creative bloggers in the online sphere, Rachell Tan is willing to share everything from recipes to her plastic surgery procedures with her readers. It’s no wonder she has amassed 110k followers on Instagram despite her occasional bouts of social media inactivity.

Better known by her online moniker PXDkitty, Rachell Tan is definitely not your typical influencer who dresses up to the nines on a daily basis and posts on social media regularly.

You see, she also sometimes posts pictures of black squares.


Nonetheless, her popularity has not dipped.

Here are 10 facts you need to know about Rachell Tan.

1. PXDkitty means…

…pixie dust, derived from a song that meant a lot to her – I’ll Try by Jonatha Brooke.

“All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.”

2. Her education  

She was from Rosyth Primary, Cedar Girls’ Secondary School, and later Victoria JC. She was also pretty much a pampered child.

Rachel shared:

I was protected by my parents since I was young, taught to study real hard so that I can earn $10k a month in future as an accountant, they drove me everywhere.

She later graduated from NUS.

3. She’s not afraid to admit that she had plastic surgery

This might be the 21st century, but the topic of plastic surgery is still pretty much a taboo. But for Rachell, she’s not evasive when it comes to the touchy subject and in fact, even documents her plastic surgery process on her blog so her readers can be more well informed.

In 2012, Rachell underwent double eyelid surgery for she was “extremely insecure about her small eyes with no double eyelids”, a result of “being teased by my (her) classmates in school”.

The brave Rachell did a vlog a mere 13 days after her double eyelid surgery:

She’s also candid about the other procedures she had done to her face, including fillers.

Early last year, Rachell shared about her zygoma (cheekbone) reduction surgery in Korea.



It’s definitely not a crime to want to make oneself look better, and going under the knife is more prevalent than before and shouldn’t bear a social stigma in today’s modern society. Props to Rachell for openly sharing.

Besides Rachell, here are 13 celebrities who look different then and now. But plastic surgery or not, does it really matter?

4. She has the most creative ideas

Okay, just look at this cake.



Beautifully swirled rosettes, check. Cream frosting, check. Rainbow sprinkles, check. Looks exactly like a real cake, but one-half of MediaCorp’s resident twins Hayley was surprised by how tough it was to chop cut the cake, until the realization set in.

The “cake” was actually…



A watermelon in disguise.

This watermelon cake is the brainchild of Rachell, who cleverly came up with the idea of a troll cake that tasted as good as it looked and so the Woo sisters can eat as much as they want since “watermelon cake eat le won’t grow fat”.


A+ for effort.

5. She has a talent for baking

Rachell shared on Instagram:

I love cakes and I feel happy when I get to make things that people enjoy. My little brother says that whenever I talk about cakes I get really excited, so I hope I’ll like them for a very long time.

Indeed, her love for cakes is apparent from her bakes. Rachell also used to share baking recipes and tutorials online, but has stopped doing so after she ended up working as a part-time pastry chef at Boufe Boutique Café. She is also the café’s Events Marketing Manager.

Nonetheless, what’s on the Internet stays on the Internet, which means Rachell’s baking recipes and tutorials are still available online.

The self-taught baker bakes everything – Be it princess cupcakes…

Or this really unique unicorn rainbow cake…

Or even creating candy crush-inspired macarons. Rachell nails them all.



6. She had her own online show

Rachell used to host online show Reelity Bites on Reelity TV, a video production house helmed by local personality Joshua Ang.

On her show, Rachell gets experimental baking her own Hello Kitty macarons to creating her own tote bag.

For Starbucks lovers, you’ll be glad that Rachell filmed an episode where she came up with her own Starbucks-inspired concoction, so why not give this a try the next time your caffeine craving kicks in?

7. She looks good in any hairstyle

And we really mean ANY. Just check this out.

From rocking the pixie cut…


to a bob…


to corn braids…

to looking like CL from 2NE1 in her luscious long locks.


‘Nuff said.

8. She won the Cineleisure Next Online Sensation competition

In 2012, Rachell took part in the Cineleisure Next Online Sensation competition along with blogger Peishi, dubbing themselves Kitty On A Spaceship.



In the process, the girls also won friendship as they grew closer thanks to the competition. The duo are still as chummy as ever today, and are joined by Hayley and Jayley Woo to form the #lapsupswag.


9. She is best remembered for her role as a mother

Rachell and Peishi filmed a parody of Typical Singaporean Parents (Or Mothers) in 2012, where Rachell played the role of the “mar mee” and Peishi as “ger ger”.

Little did they expect the video to go viral – local newspaper Shin Min Daily featured their video, and the story was later picked up by Hong Kong’s Apple Daily.

Rachell played such a convincing role of a mummy that Ah Boys To Men star Noah Yap invited Rachell to act as lao bu Yap in his video.

Almost three years on, Noah still addresses Rachell as his mother.


10. She has doppelgangers in Korea

Wait – who’s who?


The influencer thinks she looks like Tae-yeon, while netizens think she resembles CL.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 3.49.08 pm


Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 3.48.24 pm



Source/ Source

Are we seeing double or are they just the same person? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

More pixie dust please

With Rachell being one of the few bloggers who doesn’t rely on blogging as her main source of bread and butter, this might mean we won’t see as much of her on Instagram. We can’t wait for her to share more of her pixie makes, but in the meantime, fans know where they can stalk her in real life without looking overly creepy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (refer to point 5 for clues!).

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