This Year’s Local Ramadan Videos Are Here To Tug On Your Heartstrings

Ramadan Videos Remind Us To Help The Needy, Love Our Mums And Spread Kindness

As the end of Ramadan approaches, good vibes abound. You simply can’t wait to get your festive mood – and clothes – on for the holidays.


Before we move on with celebrations, let’s take a look at some of this year’s heartwarming, meaningful Ramadan videos to remind us what Islam’s holiest month is really all about.

Spread the love, multiply kindness

This feel-good ad from shows intentional and random acts of kindness in a chain effect.

Watch how this loving husband went from making his wife’s favourite sahur food in the morning, to helping a frail, old woman who couldn’t afford to buy a meal — all before breaking fast with his family.


He even speaks Chinese to the old woman. Not bad!


You are never alone

This Ramadan film is perhaps the most touching one yet, which guarantees a one-way ticket to Feelsville.

Unlike most that portray elements of breaking fast together, the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) went right for the feels with Sunyi, which means still, or lonely, in Malay.


We follow the life of an elderly widow, who is seen living life alone.

Delivering newspapers to vendors at the crack of dawn, and cleaning dirty tables at coffee shops are her bread and butter.


A message at the end rings loud and clear. You can be that little glimmer of hope in other people’s lives – like this woman’s – when you fulfil your zakat (tithe) payments.

So be sure to pay them before Ramadan is over.

My mum, my hero

After McDonald’s Ramadan ad about their delivery guy made waves last year, they are back with celebrating another figure we know all too well in our lives.


As we grow up to marvel at superheroes, one hero is irreplaceable in our lives – ibu, or mother in English.


Lucky are those who grew up with delicious home-cooked food to fill their bellies, and a mother’s love to fill their hearts.

Just remember to give her a hug when you go home.

The beauty of Ramadan

Ramadan is observed by doing more than just fasting. In this holy month, it is also a time of reflection, forgiveness, and giving back to society.

This could include feeding the underprivileged, helping a Muslim break fast while on the go, and simply making life easier for the wheelchair-bound.

We hope these Ramadan videos would continue to inspire more compassion and care. As the saying goes, be kind and kindness will find you right back.

Featured image from Youtube.

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