Non-Muslim Grab Driver In S’pore Plays Call To Prayer For Passenger To Break Fast

Grab Driver Plays Call To Prayer On Radio Station

During Ramadan, it’s customary for our Muslim friends to observe a month-long fast from dawn to sunset.

On Tuesday (21 May), a Muslim man shared a pleasant encounter with his Grab driver who went out of his way to accommodate his needs.


Played prayer for Muslim passenger to break fast

At around 7pm, the man booked a Grab ride, presumably to get home to break his fast.


According to the post, the Grab driver was listening to an English radio channel when he got on the car.

Halfway through the journey, the driver, Mr Raghu, switched the radio channel and tuned in to Warna 94.2FM, a Malay radio station.

For those who may not be aware, at around 7.05-7.10pm, Warna 94.2FM will play the Azan, the Islamic call to worship.

The driver’s thoughtful gesture touched the man as it enabled him to listen to the Azan to break his fast.

The driver was a non-Muslim

Initially, the passenger thought his driver was a fellow Muslim, but found that wasn’t the case upon inquiry.

With a grateful heart, he thanked the driver for being attentive and caring, to which he replied,

We have to accommodate to all 4 races and to all religion[s].

The driver added that he still looks back fondly on his kampung days when different races would come together to share their food.

An inclusive society for all

Living in a multi-religious country, it is essential that Singaporeans look out for one another regardless of faith.

Mr Raghu’s action may seem simple, but his small gesture can go a long way to make someone’s day.

Thumbs up to him for his kind deed, and may he set an example for all of us go out of our way to accommodate the needs of our fellow Singaporeans so we can all live harmoniously, together.

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