Ramen Pudding In Taiwan Looks Like Thicc Noodles, Will Fool Even Die-Hard Maggi Fans

Carpenter Manual Taiwan Has Ramen Pudding From S$14

Instant noodles and pudding are dishes loved by many Singaporeans. Now, what if we combine these two beloved treats?

Taiwan brand Carpenter Manual gives us the answer with this deceptive ramen pudding. The dish – designed to look like thick noodles and poached eggs – will fool long-time Maggi fans.

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Perhaps you can serve this snack to noodle-loving friends, just to witness their confused expressions.

Ramen pudding with thick noodles & poached egg

Taiwan is well-known for starting food trends, and their latest innovation is the ramen pudding by dessert shop Carpenter Manual.

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The Maggi lookalike was concocted by the owner, who loved ramen so much that he made puddings akin to their shape, according to Hululu Taiwan.

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It seems he succeeded because the ramen pudding can easily turn heads. The glossy “noodles” gives a convincing illusion that they’re soaking up all the soupy goodness in the bowl.

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You can grab your chopsticks to slurp the luscious “noodles” or take a bite of their mini poached egg. In reality, the noodles are lemon jelly topped with caramel meant to look like soy sauce.


For an extra dose of sweetness, add extra drops of caramel to satisfy your cravings.


They say it feels like you’re eating ramen when you stir it, so we can’t wait to try it ourselves.

Comes in a box of 6

The Ramen Pudding is available in a box of 6, priced at S$14.37 (NT$ 299). Just like our affordable instant noodles, you can easily get a bundle for the fam.


The packaging is also similar to cup noodles. We bet you’ll have a fun time watching gleeful aunties and uncles’ faces as they open the packet, only to become confused by the sweet pudding’s flavour.


As of now, the ramen pudding is only available through Carpenter Manual or 7-Eleven Taiwan.

Hoping it comes to Singapore

The arrival of the ramen pudding finally makes it possible for us to slurp our desserts.

Like Taiwan’s past food trends, we’re hoping that they’ll also arrive in Singapore soon.

If you know a talented baker, encourage them to make noodle-shaped pudding to see whether it lives up to the hype.

Do you want to fool friends with this pudding? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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