10 Realistic Food Cushions You Can Buy To Defy Mum’s ‘No Food On Bed’ Rule

Realistic Food Cushions That Help You Explain Why You Drool While You Sleep

Have you seen these food-inspired cushions and bedding circulating on Facebook recently?


Well, these cushions and bedding aren’t exactly new. In fact, they first made rounds on social media more than a year ago.

Sadly, Kabkao Pillow, the OG shop in Thailand that sold these cushions has since closed.

However, it appears that other retailers have picked up where Kabkao have left off, and came up with similar food-inspired cushions.

Without teasing your appetites any longer, here are 10 food-inspired cushions that’s sure to make foodies salivate every time they head to bed.

1. Bread

Hate waking up in the morning? Then these bread-inspired cushions are the perfect ones for you.

With them, breakfast-in-bed will become a daily reality that’s guaranteed to chase away the worst of ’em morning blues. 

While you snuggle on these soft loaf pillows, you needn’t worry about the sesame seeds dropping all over the place.

Price: ~S$5-7
Where to buy: Taobao

2. Sunny-side up

If you aren’t big on bread, then how about these perfectly-fried sunny-side up cushions?


As you can tell from the pictures, these cushions are substantially thicker than your run-of-the-mill fried egg.


Value for money indeed.

Price: ~S$16-27

Where to buy: AliExpress

3. Rice-dumpling

This year’s Dragon Boat Festival may have been long over, but you can relive those festivities again with these rice-dumpling cushions.


Don’t worry, your clothes won’t become niam niam after cuddling these bazhangs to sleep.

Price: ~S$3-7.50

Where to buy: Taobao

4. Salmon

We all know of this health freak who’s constantly rejecting snack offers, and whose diet consists only of chicken breasts and salmon fillets.

But now with this salmon-inspired cushion, you ain’t got to worry about being rejected no more.


That said, Omega-3 fatty acids and prickly bones not included.

Price: ~S$15

Where to buy: Amazon

5. Durian

With the durian season upon us again, this durian-inspired cushion would be a timely gift for your durian-loving friends.


Best of all, this cushion doesn’t come with the funky smell and sore-throat that’s frequently associated with its organic counterpart.


Price: ~S$23

Where to buy: NJ ONE STOP

6. BBQ goodness

Constantly having cravings for barbecue (BBQ) food, yet refuse to join your friends for a round of supper ‘cos you’re constantly nursing that durian-induced sore throat?

Well, we have good news for you — you can now feast your eyes on these BBQ , all in the comforts of your own home.


While choices at the typical BBQ store seldom goes beyond chicken wing and satay, you’re spoilt for choice – to say the least – when it comes to these food-inspired cushions.

In addition to your conventional BBQ chicken wing, BBQ seafood items are also available.


Did we mention that the BBQ prawn cushion comes with its shell peeled? If that’s not enough to convince you, how about BBQ sotong instead?


With such a great variety of BBQ food available, what are you waiting for? Go forth and create that perfect surf ‘n turf combination!

Price: ~S$7.50

Where to buy: Taobao

7. Crab

With the hairy crab season in full swing, it goes without saying that its apt AF to purchase this 10-legged cushion.

If you can’t afford them small yet crazily priced crabs, do consider this.


If you haven’t noticed, the crabs come fully cooked to save you the trouble of steaming it yourself.


Price: ~S$13.70
Where to buy: Taobao

8. Vegetables

Remember what mum said about not forgetting ’em greens? You can now bid those nagging cries goodbye with these vegetable-inspired cushions.


Don’t worry if you’re a picky vegetable-eater like me. With the large variety of veggie-pillows available, you’re sure to find one that’s not gag-inducing.

Price: ~S$15-17
Where to buy: AliExpress

9. Tze char

How can we write an article about food-inspired cushions without mentioning the undisputed gourmet treasure of Singapore that is tze char?

Well, if your family’s one that fancies a tze char feast occasionally, then these cushion are the ones you HAVE to get.


Like a typical tze char store, variety’s the name of the game when it comes to their cushions. Check out their sambal fried rice and even fried noodles!


P.S. You’ll have to add extra green chilli and belachan at your own costs.

Price: ~S$19.80
Where to buy: Carousell

10. Egg Tart

If there’s one dessert that’s impossible to hate, it’s the humble yet oh-so-delish egg tart.

Luckily for us, the geniuses at Taobao managed to read our minds.

And it ain’t just any egg tart, it’s PORTUGUESE-EGG-TART!


Just looking at the char and the fluffy insides’ making us hungry AF.

Price: ~S$7.50
Where to buy: Taobao

Bonus: Cockroach

While most of us would take flight merely at the sight of cockroaches, others feel that ’em 6-legged critters will be the next big food trend.

In the interest of being inclusive, retailers are selling cockroached-inspired cushions as well!


Not only does it look realistic top-down, the underside’s pretty on point too!


Okay lah, we know it’s an acquired taste, but to each its own, right?

Price: ~S$21.50
Where to buy: AliExpress

What dish is next?

Having read through our compilation of food-inspired cushions, have we succeeded in whetting your appetite, or are you completely put off by the sight of our ‘bonus’ cushion?

In any case, what other dishes would you like to see recreated as cushions?

For us, it would surely be a pillowy-soft slice of old-fashioned pandan chiffon cake.

Featured image from Taobao and Facebook.

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