S’porean YouTuber Rents A Date For 2 Hours, Takes Her To Lunch Then Pool & It Wasn’t Awkward At All

Singaporean YouTuber Rents A Date For $150/2hrs

Last month, there were talks about a new platform in Singapore that allows you to “rent a date”.

Called Maybe, the platform lets you pick a date from a panel of good-looking men and women. The charges are per 2-hour date.

A screenshot of some of the featured dates

Singaporean YouTuber Umehara Keiji, intrigued by the service, decided to ‘purchase’ a dating opportunity himself.

His video is now trending #1 on YouTube’s Gaming segment. Why Gaming? We suppose some consider dating a ‘game’.

No physical contact, but handshakes are fine

The rules are simple. You’re paying for conversation, nothing else. This means no physical contact and the date has to be in a public space. You know, in case of perverts.

The video pretty much sums up what would happen if you rented a date. You wait – perhaps a little anxiously – for the girl/boy to show up. You shake hands, sip some coffee, make small talk etc.


According to the lady, the date usually only consists of conversation over a meal. But in Mr Keiji’s case, he took her out for a little more.

After coffee, the pair had lunch at Italian restaurant-chain Saizeriya.


And still later, since there was time left, they played a round of Korean pool.


Girl gives him 8/10

At the end of the video, Mr Keiji did something of a round-up or review.

When he asked how the girl would rate the experience, she gave him an 8/10 — explaining that he carried a lot of the conversation, whereas normally, she would be the one doing so.


She also took the opportunity to explain that the platform wasn’t promoting anything shady, which may be the impression it gives many people.

Renting a date

This rent-a-date concept isn’t new. Such services have for quite a while been available in countries like Korea, Japan and China. So it was only a matter of time before it made its way to another Asian country.

Of course, there are goods and bads to renting a date. If you have money and you want companionship without the commitment, this will work.

But if you’re lonely and looking for companionship, this may not be the best option. The temporary romance will likely make you happier for that 2 hours then leave you feeling even more miserable.

So before you rent a date, you might want to ask yourself what you really want from it.

Featured image from YouTube.

Happy birthday Keiji!

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