NSmen Can Get Reservist Packs For ICT, No Need Chiong To E-Mart Before Reporting

These Reservist Packs By D&G Marketing Are Filled With Essentials For NSmen

The hassle of going for reservist training is usually the packing. You have to ensure you don’t miss out on any essentials.


Now, one Singapore company has stepped up to the task of minimising inconvenience for in-camp training (ICT).

Providing 7 types of reservist packs filled with necessities, they’ve created useful go-to bags for NSmen.

Pack your clothing without wasting space

Singapore company D&G Marketing has created 7 types of reservist packs filled with various handy essentials that an NSman would typically need for ICT.

Squeezing your thick SAF uniform into your already tight bag can be a frustrating experience. But with Pack 1, you can simply fold your uniform and fit it in the bag nicely to free up space for other essentials.

Holds 1 complete set of SAF Uniform (not included)
Price: $4

The size is just enough for your SAF uniform, and helps keep all your items neat.


Pack 2 is a green bath towel in a similar-looking bag, for those quick showers after long hours outdoors. It looks so soft and comfy, we wouldn’t mind using it as a blanket instead.

Price: $9.90

The towel folds out to become slightly bigger than the pack, so you can be sure that it provides sufficient coverage when you step out of the shower.


Pack 3 contains all the good stuff, with not one but 2 pairs of SAF socks, a green vest and PT shorts. Rushing off for physical activities becomes a lot easier when you have everything in one place.

Price: $22

You can also cop green vests and shorts from them in case you don’t have enough at home. They’re available in various sizes, from XS-XL.


Have your basic necessities all in one place

Trips to the bathroom won’t have to involve you thinking twice about whether you brought your toothbrush along, if such items are packed together.

Pack 4 has all the toiletries you need, including:

  • a soap sponge
  • soap container
  • toothbrush
  • toothpaste
  • shaver
  • toilet paper roll
  • foot powder container with powder included

Price: $9.90

Enough to keep you clean through your reservist period, this pack saves you the trouble of packing toiletries from home.


Maintaining your uniform is just as important too, which is why you might want to consider Pack 5, which contains:

  • a pair of garters
  • 1 sewing kit
  • 2 AA batteries
  • 6 tea candles
  • a pair of boot laces
  • a lighter

Price: $9.90

Even if you don’t end up using everything, the extras can surely be of some use around the house or elsewhere.


Pack 6 is the survival kit every NSman should have. With a Range Card and 2 Arc of Fire sticks, you won’t miss a single important item for survival training.

Other items in the bag are a fine marker and 2 sandbags.

Price: $18.90

The bonus is that there’s additional space for a pair of slippers, for days you can let your feet breathe and take a break from the chunky boots.


Of course, one can’t survive camp without food, which soldiers prepare in mess tins during their outfield missions. Pack 7 fits an aluminium mess tin snugly, so you can keep your cookware clean before you prepare any hot meals.

Price: $6.50

Looking at how spotless and shiny the tin is, you can even eat home-cooked meals from it once reservist is over.


A full set of 7, which costs $69.90, is also available for purchase if you really don’t want to pack anything at all — except your uniform and underwear.


Like how you go about buying outfits online, visit D&G’s website here to make your orders, and they’ll deliver straight to your doorstep. Talk about maximum convenience.

Reservist packs will be a lifesaver for NSmen

Very few would say they look forward to ICT — you would have to undergo strenuous training, sleep with other men in bunks, and have very little personal time.

If there’s anything that could make the experience more bearable, these packs might be just what you need.

Save yourself the hassle and get one or more, so you won’t have to rush.

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