Woman in Thailand hangs salted fish to dry, finds a grave of dead flies when she returns

Woman dries salted fish, but returns to find hundreds of dead flies

A woman in Thailand left her salted fish to dry but was shocked to find more than a hundred dead flies around it when she returned. Frightened by the sight, she turned to Facebook for answers.

Her post quickly gained traction, which attracted the attention of a famous medical lab scientist in Thailand.

To soothe her worries and educate netizens, he provided a possible answer: vendors in wet markets may have sprayed pesticide on the fish. He also added that eating food sprayed with pesticide can cause severe reactions, including death.

An innocent food purchase hiding a deadly surprise

On 12 May, a woman in Thailand visited her local wet market to purchase some food in the afternoon. One of her purchases was salted fish, which she hung out to dry.

Source: Jusmine OnlyYou on Facebook

Unfortunately, a frightening sight awaited her later in the day when she came to check on her purchase.

The fish that she left out to dry had attracted over a hundred flies, but even more shocking was that almost all of them were dead.

Filled with questions, she made a post on Facebook to see if anyone had answers. What did the vendor put in the fish that would kill so many flies? And was it safe to eat?

The post was shared more than 2,400 times within two days by concerned and curious netizens.

A medical lab scientist provides an answer

The post caught the eye of Thai online personality หมอแล็บแพนด้า, a medical lab scientist who is known on Facebook for debunking medical myths in Thailand. He provided a possible answer to the woman’s questions.

“There are some market vendors that like to spray pesticides on dried food,” he explained.

Source: Jusmine OnlyYou on Facebook

They would do this to deter flies from eating and laying eggs inside the food, he added. The scientist further asserted that random inspections of wet markets had revealed that vendors would frequently spray pesticide on dried food.

Unfortunately, while this might make the fish seem clean and pest-free, it might make it human-free, too.

People who eat food sprayed with pesticide can experience severe reactions like heart palpitations, difficulty breathing, and even death.

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Featured image adapted from Jusmine OnlyYou on Facebook.




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