SBS Transit Installs Plastic Shields In 6 Buses To Protect Drivers From Covid-19, Trial Will Last 2 Weeks

SBS Transit Installs Plastic Shields In Trial, They Are Specially Modified For Use On Buses

As commuters are complaining about the lack of social distancing on public transport as Singapore gradually opens up in Phase 2, let’s not forget that most public transport workers have been providing service outside while we stayed at home throughout the ‘Circuit Breaker’.

For drivers of buses and taxis, the possibility of getting infected is higher as they come into contact with many passengers every day. A few public transport staff have already been infected with Covid-19, and we don’t want that number to rise.

Some taxis have already been fitted with protective shields to separate the driver from passengers, and now bus operator SBS Transit has also installed some of these shields on buses to protect bus drivers.


Shields are part of 2-week trial

In a press release on Monday (20 Jul), SBS Transit said these transparent protective shields had been installed in 6 buses on the same day.

They can be found on bus services 19, 28, 147, 196, 198 and 249.

They will be there for 2 weeks, as part of a trial to see how effective and useable they are.

The protective shields are made locally and designed and installed by Moove Media.

They’re similar to those that can be found in some ComfortDelGro taxis.

Image courtesy of ComfortDelGro

Shields modified for use in buses

However, the shields in buses are different from those in taxis.

The polycarbonate-made shields in buses are enhanced and modified for use in buses.

Based on feedback from bus drivers during the trial, the design will be tweaked.

The Land Transport Authority will then decide whether they are suitable for be installed in all buses, based on the results of this trial.

Opening to avoid mirror blockage, side flap for drivers to exit

One of the modifications made is the addition of a side opening in the shield. This is so that the driver’s view of the side mirror won’t be blocked.

Another modification is the application of a transparent film on the shield, so the driver won’t be dazzled by reflections.

Additionally, the shield will also come with a side flap, so drivers can leave their seats and enter the bus cabin when they need to help passengers.


Enhanced protection for bus drivers

Describing bus drivers as “on the frontline”, SBS Transit acting chief executive Cheng Siak Kian observed that they serve many commuters daily, thus,

Given the prolonged and uncertain situation with COVID-19, we think the protective shield is an idea worth exploring to enhance protection for our bus captains.

Adapting to a new norm

If the bus shields are approved, they’re going to be yet another change we’re going to have to get used to as we try our best to return to normal life in Phase 2.

Nevertheless, it’s worth it if we can prevent more people from getting infected.

Featured image adapted from Land Transport Guru.

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