400 S’pore Taxis Have Plastic Shield As Extra Covid-19 Protection, May Become New Norm

Taxis Have Plastic Shield Separating Driver & Passengers, Protects From Covid-19 & Physical Violence

When Covid-19 first arrived in Singapore, taxi and private hire drivers were coming up with innovative ways to protect themselves from the virus while on the go.

S’pore Private Hire Driver Makes A DIY Barrier In His Car, Takes Precaution Amid Covid-19 Outbreak

Fast forward to May, taxis with plastic shields might become a common sight on the road.

ComfortDelGro is starting a “cabin shield trial”, in a bid to improve safe distancing in the age of Covid-19.

Image courtesy of ComfortDelGro

400 taxis will have special plastic shield

This cabin shield, aka “V-shield”, bears a striking resemblance to the DIY version we see above.

It is, however, made of a special plastic material that will cover the driver’s seat completely, serving as a solid barrier between driver and passenger.

Image courtesy of ComfortDelGro

2 mini windows are also fitted to facilitate payment procedures, keeping it functional.

According to a press release by ComfortDelGro, around 400 taxis will be fitted with this brand new feature.

Plastic barrier protects driver from infection risks

Expecting the pandemic to hang around a little longer, long term precautions like these are necessary.

The Covid-friendly measure aims to “reduce the level of risk” for drivers, who have to interact with multiple customers in close proximity.

Image courtesy of ComfortDelGro

Furthermore, the “unbreakable” nature of the shield can also protect cabbies from potential physical harm, stated ComfortDelGro.

We might see more taxis with plastic shields

While the idea of vehicle barriers might be unfamiliar to many Singaporeans, it is a common feature in London’s black cabs and other overseas taxis.

If the trial succeeds, we can expect the V-shield to become more commonplace, according to the press release.

Image courtesy of ComfortDelGro

Adapting to a new norm

Hence, this is going to be one of the many changes we have to adapt to in Singapore, as we gradually lift ‘Circuit Breaker’ measures after 1 Jun.

Certainly, we have to face the challenge of accepting new habits in our daily lives, seeing all these daunting phases ahead.

Nevertheless, let’s have hope that we can make this lifestyle a new norm, without compromising our comfort.

Featured image adapted from ComfortDelGro. 

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