S’pore Private Hire Driver Makes A DIY Barrier In His Car, Takes Precaution Amid Covid-19 Outbreak

Singaporean Driver Installs Plastic Barrier Separating Him From Passengers To Guard Against Covid-19 Spread

In cities like London, taxis have build-in safety shields separating the driver from their passengers.

This is to protect them from possible dangers such as mugging.

Interior of a London cab

A Singaporean netizen on Reddit came across a private hire car that adopted a similar concept, this time to prevent against the novel coronavirus, officially named Covid-19.


While this might seem like an overreaction to some, many also agree that drivers have to take the measures they need to protect themselves, without compromising their livelihood.

Driver made a barrier and put up a sign to advise passengers

A Reddit user shared the image on the r/singapore subreddit, stating that it is “next level paranoid.”

Evidently, the driver used poles and plastic to erect a makeshift barrier around the driver’s seat.

This is alongside a pink sign reminding passengers to wear a mask to protect themselves as well as others.


Comments defend driver who’s at higher risk of infection

However, many took to the comments section to defend the driver, who’s merely taking precautions while on the job.


Drivers have to interact with countless passengers day to day and hence are more vulnerable to the transmittable disease.

Furthermore, a taxi driver and private hire driver were confirmed to be the 35th and 37th cases of the virus in Singapore respectively, which may have induced further anxiety.

It’s not like he can just work from home like someone in an office-bound job, so modern problems require modern solutions.

Striking a balance on precautions we take

Even if you may not have to interact with others as much compared to a private hire driver, it is still important to take the necessary steps to protect yourself.

Do exercise personal responsibility, wear a mask if you are sick and wash your hands with soap regularly.

What do you think of the driver’s DIY barrier? Has he gone too far or is this normal? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Featured image adapted from Reddit.

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