S’porean Wanted To Buy Face Masks For 500 Elderly, Did Not Pay A Single Cent As People Donated For Free

Singaporean Received 40 Free Boxes Of Face Masks  Within A Day

As the novel coronavirus infection spreads, more people are willing to join the snaking queues to secure face masks for themselves and their loved ones.


While many Singaporeans may have the physical tenacity to queue for hours, it is tough for the elderly to do the same.

Fully aware of their struggles, one Singaporean named Mr Jason Cai wanted to donate 40 boxes of face masks to the elderly by buying them off others who had them.

Yet as his project gained traction on Facebook, Cai ended up not having to fork out a single cent as selfless Singaporeans contributed ‘spare boxes’ of masks for the cause.

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This isn’t the first time that Mr Cai had organised such an initiative. He also runs a charity project named PARK $2 Project that encourages Singaporeans to donate to those less fortunate.

Did not have to pay for the face masks

According to Mr Cai, $400 was set aside from his charity fund in order to pay for the face masks.

But to his surprise, contributors did not ask for money, and instead donated the masks free of charge, even if they only own spare loose pieces.

With the overwhelming response, he managed to hit his target of 40 boxes in less than a day.

One kind soul was even willing to fork out another $400, if necessary.

500 needy elderly will benefit from their efforts

The 40 boxes accumulated by Mr Cai will go to elderly who live in rental flats.


As the older generation belongs to a high-risk group, all the more will the contributions of Singaporeans help them in this period.

Therefore, it is heartwarming for Mr Cai to see Singaporeans sourcing and contributing “affordable and authentic” supplies for the elderly, especially when face masks are often pricey or out of stock these days.


Playing your part in this tough period

While fear and anxiety are ubiquitous during this tough period, such acts remind us that we still can play a part even as the coronavirus continues to spread.


Mr Cai is a first-hand witness of the kindness Singaporeans have to offer, previously garnering $10,000 to pack goodie bags for needy families in a day

His campaign this time once again reinforces his message, that our small acts are the essence of the Singapore spirit, and that is to help one another in difficult times.

Kudos to those that donated their spare boxes of masks, to help make the project a successful one.

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