Scoot Pilot Delays Landing As Passengers Aren’t Wearing Seatbelts, Changi Airport Police Interrogate Them

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Scoot Pilot Delays Landing Of Singapore Bound Flight As Passengers Refused To Wear Seatbelts

UPDATE (11.30pm): Scoot has issued a statement addressing the incident. The article has been updated with their account below.

Some airline passengers take liberties with the instructions they hear on flights. Calls to keep their electronic devices away are greeted with a smirk, only for them to pull it out a few seconds later.

However, this Scoot pilot wasn’t having any of it when it came to a family who wasn’t wearing their seatbelts, even as the plane descended at Changi Airport.

Despite warnings of potential police involvement, the passengers refused to comply.

Another passenger on the flight showed the incident in full on his TikTok, including the moment when the authorities approached the problematic passengers.

Scoot pilot delays flight landing, warns passengers that police may be involved

According to this TikTok video, a Scoot pilot delayed the landing of flight TR285 – from Bali to Singapore – due to a group of passengers who weren’t wearing their seatbelts.


what happens when you dont fasten your seatbelt

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In the video clip, the Scoot pilot is heard speaking over the intercom system, addressing the passengers while hovering above what seems to be Singaporean waters.

The pilot says he would discontinue the flight’s approach to Changi Airport as passengers are not seated with their seatbelts securely fastened.

Source: TikTok

He then explains that they are not legally allowed to land the aircraft if the cabin is not secured.

With no other choice, the pilot says that the aircraft will turn around again for another approach.

This time, if they fail to land again, the pilot warns that the airport police will be involved.

Source: TikTok

This word of caution is met with meek and likely sarcastic applause from one of the passengers.

Allegedly difficult passengers escorted out of flight by local authorities

The video then cuts to the aircraft finally landing at Changi Airport, with a stewardess informing the passengers that the local authorities are waiting for them.

After the announcements cease, authorities are seen discussing the matter with the staff on the flight.

Source: TikTok

Soon after, auxiliary police officers walk down the aisle toward the problematic passenger.

Source: TikTok

After the end of the discussions, a woman carrying a baby walks to the front of the aircraft as passengers look on.

Source: TikTok

The video ends with footage of a man standing in front of police officers with his hands behind his back.

Source: TikTok

In a subsequent Instagram Story post, the OP shared that he suspected several kids were “not being parented” and failed to stay in their seats.

Source: Instagram

After the flight landed, the family involved was escorted off the plane and questioned by airport police.

Scoot says pilot discontinued flight to Singapore for safety reasons

In response to MS News‘ queries, a Scoot spokesperson said the incident occurred on board flight TR285 on Monday (14 Nov).

Below is their statement in full:

Due to unruly behaviour by a group of passengers, including the refusal to fasten seatbelts during descent, our Captain discontinued the approach into Singapore in the interest of flight safety.

The flight landed safely on the second approach at Changi Airport without further incident, and the involved passengers were escorted off the aircraft by airport authorities for further investigation.

For the safety of passengers during flight, all passengers are required to be seated and to have their seatbelts securely fastened for take-off and landing, or until the seatbelt sign has been turned off.

The well-being of our customers and staff is our priority, and we do not condone behaviour that compromises flight safety. Scoot will take appropriate actions against any passenger who may risk the safety of our customers and staff.

Scoot sincerely apologises for the disruptions and inconveniences to our customers. As investigations are still ongoing, we encourage members of the public to refrain from undue speculations.

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Featured image adapted from TikTok.

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