This Seletar Owl’s Hilariously Expressive Faces Capture Our Moods After Work Ends

Seletar Owl Has Hilarious Yet Relatable Facial Expressions

Although work from home (WFH) has become the new norm, work hasn’t been any less tiring for many of us. That’s perhaps why we rejoice at the end of a work day, just like this owl with meme-worthy facial expressions.


On Monday (22 Mar), a photographer shared photos of a rather expressive owl at Hampstead Wetlands Park in the Facebook group ‘Singapore Wildlife Sightings‘.

Its cheeky face immediately relates to our whole mood after WFH.

Here are some scenarios where we find its facial expression simply too relatable to be true.

1. When the last hour approaches

The end of the work day is in sight, and time seems to be ticking away faster and faster.

Naturally, you start thinking about what’s for dinner later.

As you smile to yourself while imagining the delectable spread you’re going to have, stop to see if your face looks like this in the mirror:


We wouldn’t be able to hide the joy in our eyes either.

2. When pang gang time is just minutes away

Your heart is racing with exhilaration. You’re beyond thrilled that another work day is almost over and the weekend is nearer — so near you can almost grab it.

Just make sure to stop yourself from squealing in excitement, in case your boss hears you.


3. When work officially ends

Pang gang loh! You’re so happy it seems surreal — can finally chill after a whole day of chionging.

You suddenly realise just how long you’ve been sitting in front of the computer for, so you decide to smell your feet first.


4. When the fantasising starts

Perhaps the smell carries your thoughts away as you consider your abundant options — jio friends to makan first? Go exercise? Pick a show to watch for Netflix & Chill later?

Or maybe a power nap to recharge for the evening?


4. When a notif suddenly pops up in your inbox

Alas, your phone ‘pings’, as it alerts you to a new message in your inbox. You panic, wondering if it’s an email from your boss.

You wish someone can tell you it’s a delusion, that this is just a bad dream.


5. When the dilemma arises

You’ve confirmed the email to be from your boss. But now you wonder what to do with it.

After all, the temptation to ghost them and pretend you have a life is real.


6. When reality dawns

Turns out boss just wanted to share a meme. You didn’t get it. But you laughed in caps. Frankly, you don’t know how to feel about this.


Owl meme king brightens up our day

When WFH is just as stressful, or even more so, dramatic facial expressions like this owl’s bring some laughter into our lives.

We are grateful for the photographer’s rare sighting and epic photo-taking skills and hope to chance upon this cutie in the wild sometime.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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