Breathtaking Photo Of Milky Way Over Sengkang Looks Out Of This World

To the amateur phone photographer, pictures of sunsets in Singapore are the most beautiful shots of nature one can get.

But Redditor u/longadin pushed the limits by taking a stunning photo of the Milky Way — over Sengkang, no less.


We’d say the outcome was literally out of this world, but we’ll let you decide for yourself.

Sengkang Milky Way shot took a lot of patience & determination

We’re no expert photographers, but we know that capturing nature in all its glory isn’t a walk in the park.

Though this Redditor did take an actual walk in the Sengkang Riverside Park near Sengkang Sports Stadium, they did not achieve this in a single attempt.

In the post today (9 Sep), the original poster (OP) shared that they had rushed to the same spot regularly over the past 3 weeks just to obtain this shot.


Factoring in weather obstructions like clouds, the many trips were in vain, but the OP did not give up.

Finally, on Tuesday night (8 Sep), the perfect moment presented itself when the sky cleared up, and the bright lights of the stadium nearby were switched off.

Under all the right conditions, the OP captured roughly 20 shots and later stacked the images to create the breathtaking photo.


Figured out the best equipment & settings

Judging from the elaborate description of the photo taking equipment and editing software, we guess that the OP is quite a pro at photography.

If you have similar equipment and are adventurous enough to try, why not head out to Sengkang and take some pictures of the sky?

Of course, an important tool you’d also need is your patience, so make sure you have that with you on your night out.

Kudos to Redditor u/longadin for their unwavering dedication towards capturing this natural marvel, and thank you for blessing our screens with it.

Featured image adapted from Google Maps and Reddit.