SFA Addresses Concerns Of Covid-19 Spreading Through Food Like Salmon

Earlier last week, we reported news of supermarkets in Beijing rushing to remove salmon off their shelves after traces of the Covid-19 virus was found on a chopping board at a wholesale market.

Beijing Supermarkets Rush To Remove Salmon Off Shelves After Covid-19 Found On Chopping Board

This naturally sparked concerns that the coronavirus might have the ability to spread through food.

In response to this, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) took to Facebook on Tuesday (16 Jun) assuring citizens that they’re aware of such worries and are monitoring the situation closely.


SFA aware of concerns of Covid-19 spreading through salmon

In the post, SFA said that while it’s aware of the concerns, there is currently no proof that suggests the coronavirus can spread through food – like salmon – or food packaging and equipment.


This is apparently consistent with the “current state of knowledge” of other scientific communities and public health authorities around the world.


SFA took the opportunity to urge members of the public to continue practising good public and personal hygiene.

Here are some ways you can help to maintain high public health standards in Singapore:

  • Cook food thoroughly
  • Cover mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing
  • Do not handle or prepare food if unwell
  • Do not share food or drinks with others
  • Do not touch face with hands
  • See a doctor and stay home if unwell
  • Wash hands with soap before eating and after going to the toilet

These might seem simple, but are impactful steps each of us can take to help keep our hygiene levels high.

Covid-19 virus found on cutting board in Beijing seafood market

Last Friday, traces of the Covid-19 virus were found on the chopping board in a Beijing wholesale seafood market.

Beijing salmon chopping boardSource

The same market is linked to the majority of the 106 cases reported in the city between Thursday (11 Jun) and Tuesday (16 Jun).

Major supermarkets in the Chinese capital reportedly rushed to take salmon off their shelves following the discovery.

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The authorities are also not taking matters lightly and reportedly conducting checks at food establishments that require fresh and frozen meat.

Hygiene is key

We’re glad that the SFA are addressing such concerns and have no doubts that they will keep us informed once new information is available.

While there is still no proof that suggests the coronavirus is capable of spreading through food, let’s not take things lightly and continue to maintain good hygiene practices.

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