SGAG’s Xiao Ming Models In Hilarious Covid-19 Inspired High Fashion Shoot

SGAG’s Xiao Ming Redefines High Fashion In Latest Instagram Post With Covid-19 Trendy Items

It seems SGAG’s Xiao Ming is now an advocate of basic Covid-19 pandemic supplies, as evidenced by the subjects of his latest Instagram post.

In the 6-picture series, the self-proclaimed lame guy and crazy cat parent has redefined high fashion with Singapore’s Summer/Summer Covid-19 collection.

Xiao Ming is a picture of affluence with his in-demand supplies.

From rice to face masks and toilet paper, the Singaporean funny man has them all.

Even so, he only posed a minimal amount of each product, showing that he is socially responsible and does not hoard.

Xiao Ming now part of high SES club with Covid-19 hot items

In his pictures, which he captioned “CORONAVIRUS HOARDING x HIGH FASHION 2020”, Xiao Ming went to atas hangout central Marina Bay Sands, and posed with commonly seen items that have become all the rage in today’s Covid-19-threatened landscape.

A consummate professional, the trendy briefcase is being replaced with the highly coveted 5kg bag of rice.


A highly sought-after face mask is now the mark of a well-dressed gentleman, instead of a sophisticated pocket square.


The man can also be an abs-solute thirst trap, complete with the sold-out commodity of the month: Toilet paper.


When his pose and lack of a shirt may invoke unclean thoughts, what better way to sanitise them away than with a coveted bottle of hand sanitiser?


MS News slid into this thirst trap’s DMs to find out more.

Inspired by scarcity of supplies

Xiao Ming told MS News that the idea occurred to him as he was driving home after work sometime last week: With the panic buying and hoarding frenzy happening worldwide, prices for certain goods have been inflated beyond reason.

He mused,

What if they become so scarce and expensive that it actually becomes more expensive than a Prada bag or a Gucci wallet?

That was when the crazy idea to do a high-fashion photoshoot with items that people are hoarding struck him.

“I thought the visual contrast would be something that would be extremely hilarious,” he said.

Take this photo of Xiao Ming as a “man in black” revealing what looks like some prized contraband item —  a packet of instant noodles.


Got laughed at, but not too awkward overall

Inspired by the sudden idea, Xiao Ming enlisted his good friend Bobby, a photographer, to breathe life into his concept.

The buddies met up days later at the posh-looking MBS and spent 4 hours doing the “most ridiculous photoshoot” of their lives.

For example, this weirdly erotic pose with an item that has sent even a Singapore minister into rapturous pleasure: Eggs.


Although people who passed by laughed at how Xiao Ming was doing all sorts of weird poses in the middle of MBS, he is grateful that there weren’t too many people in the area, otherwise “it would have been really awkward haha”.

We could all use a laugh now

Fortunately for us, that didn’t stop him from continuing with his project, we could all use a laugh nowadays.

Thank you, Xiao Ming, for brightening our day with your antics!

Featured image adapted from Instagram and Instagram.

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