SHEIN Has Artsy Wildlife Merch So You Can Support Animal Rights While Looking Good

SHEIN Supports Animal Rights With Wildlife Reserves Singapore Sponsorship & Special Merch

Seasoned online shoppers would probably recognise SHEIN as a fashion brand that offers the trendiest outfits at affordable prices.

Besides making our fashionista dreams come true, they’re also dedicated to helping wildlife survive here in Singapore.

SHEIN has donated S$80,000 to Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) to support their conservation efforts as part of their worldwide campaign, #SHEINcares.

To get customers on board, they’ve also launched a series of artistic wildlife merchandise and cruelty-free beauty products. Here’s how you can show your support and snag stylish products at the same time.

Wildlife Reserves Singapore sponsorship & symbolic adoption

In a more eco-conscious day and age, knowing that brands we support care for nature offers us the comfort that we’d be indirectly helping the environment too.

Following that line of thought, SHEIN‘s collaboration with WRS is thus a positive initiative customers can get behind. Their donation, for one, will contribute significantly to WRS’ conservation efforts.

They’ve also symbolically adopted the entire Pangolin and Cheetah exhibition at the Singapore Zoo, as part of their corporate social responsibility.

Cheetahs and Sunda pangolins – animals at high risk of extinction in the wild – have found refuge at the zoo, which has been doing all it can to breed and keep the species alive.

Next time you catch sight of these pangolins and cheetahs, you’ll be happy to know that they have access to treats and top-notch healthcare to live a joyful and fulfilling life.

Wildlife-inspired merch to support animal conservation

While us regular folks won’t be able to emulate what SHEIN has done, we can still show our support through other means, such as getting their animal-inspired tote bags and T-shirts.

Our top pick is their panda design, which reminds us of our beloved panda family. Perhaps you can pull off a matchy couple’s look to mimic Singapore’s famous panda duo.

Complete the outfit with a tote bag so you’ll look like a little panda family of your own.

If a giant panda emblazoned across your bag isn’t quite your style, you can get this tote with a stunning portrait of a penguin swimming in the water instead.

Since a white tote pairs well with a light-coloured top, these tiger T-shirts will complement the outfit nicely while making a bold statement courtesy of the fierce felines.

From $18 for a t-shirt and $7 for a tote, you can wear your support for animal rights proudly while looking casual yet stylish.

Vegan & cruelty-free products for nature lovers

For ladies who’d want to enhance their looks with splashes of colour, you’d be glad to know that SHEIN has a range of vegan and cruelty-free makeup in their Wild Heart Beauty Collection.

Taking inspiration from various animals and their habitats, each eyeshadow palette boasts colour tones to reflect your different moods.

Whether you’re feeling beautiful and ethereal like the tropical green forests or warm like the African savannahs, there are enough options for endless makeup looks.

The eyeshadow comes in biodegradable cardboard packaging, so you can look pretty while protecting the Earth.

The palettes cost only between $11 and $12, which is a steal for a mix of 12 vibrant and glittery eyeshadows.

Shop on SHEIN while supporting animal rights

In an era where everyone’s boldly showing their support for meaningful causes, you can do the same simply by shopping on SHEIN.

Whether you end up checking out with a T-shirt, tote bag, or eyeshadow palette, you’ll be contributing towards protecting animal rights in your own way.

So when your next urge for online shopping hits, don’t hesitate to browse SHEIN here to cop their exclusive wildlife merchandise.

SHEIN‘s campaign isn’t only in Singapore, as they’ve launched their global initiative on their website and app. You can visit their dedicated page here to find out more about their local efforts.

While you’re busy posting IG stories of your latest haul with the hashtag #SHEINcares, follow their Instagram page for timely updates about their local offers and campaigns.

Show you love wildlife the way you can

As the famous saying goes, significant changes can start with a tiny step.

Purchasing merchandise may seem trivial. But when we all do our part and show our commitment to protecting animal rights, we can make a big effort in helping to fund conservation efforts in our community.

Kudos to SHEIN for their generous contribution to WRS. Hopefully, their efforts will make a significant impact in protecting our endangered creatures.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with SHEIN.

All images courtesy of SHEIN.

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