4 Adorable Shrews Spotted Travelling In A Pack, Netizens Say It’s Like 3 Blind Mice & A Guide

Family Of 4 Shrews Spotted Exploring Estate Look Like 3 Blind Mice With Tour Guide

Adorable animal videos never fail to make our day, and it seems there’s a neverending stream of it every day, wherever they come from.

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Recently, a viral TikTok clip showing a whisker of 4 shrews scurrying around an estate in Singapore has taken the internet by storm.


The 4 shrews were following each other so closely that it inadvertently made them look like a fluffy ‘centipede’.

Adorable shrews explore estate in an orderly fashion

On Wednesday (7 Apr), TikTok user @sherrified shared footage of the shrew caravan at a heartland estate.


In the video, 4 shrews were seen following each other extremely closely with their heads ‘buried’ in each other’s tails.


If you were wondering why the shrews would travel in such a manner, the answers seem to lie in their poor eyesight.

Shrews are known to travel in such a formation when a mother is trying to lead her babies — which are almost blind. They instead rely on other senses such as their smell and hearing to get around.

The ‘caravan’ would be led by the mother, and those behind her would typically bite on the tail of the shrew directly in front of them.

Netizens compare shrews to 3 blind mice nursery rhyme

The bewildering yet hysterical video of the 4 shrews made tons of netizens’ day.

One even made reference to the famous ‘3 Blind Mice’ nursery rhyme.


Luckily for the 3 blind ‘mice’, they now have a friend who’s able to guide them along despite their disability.

Another user made a play on words — combining the word ‘shrew’ and ‘centipede’.


Put some legitimacy to the ‘3 Blind Mice’ rhyme

Not sure about you, but the whisker of shrews sure made our day.

Now that we know of the reason behind the formation, it also helps to put some legitimacy to the ‘3 Blind Mice’ rhyme that we’re all familiar with.

Next time you and your mates see a ‘caravan’ of shrews travelling in a straight line, educate your crew that it’s just a mother bringing her kids on an excursion.

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Featured image adapted from Tiktok.

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