Grandfather Carrot Cake Stall Offers Free Food For Those In Need

Despite Singapore status as an affluent country, there remains those who continue to struggle with basic necessities like food.

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One hawker, who runs a carrot cake stall in Siglap, took it upon himself to do something about it.

The Jalan Tua Kong kopitiam uncle decided to offer food for the needy and recently caught netizen’s attention as they sang his praises online.


Grandfather Carrot Cake is nestled in Siglap kopitiam

Nestled in the heart of Siglap at 15 Upper East Coast Road is a kopitiam with a carrot cake stall.


On first sight, the humble carrot cake stall might not catch your eye. But one thing that stands out about Grandfather Carrot Cake is the fact that it offers free food to the needy.

Siglap carrot cake stallSource

And it’s some pretty good food too, evident from netizens’ praises.

Siglap carrot cake stallSource

According to reviews, the stall also serves up a mean plate of char kway teow.

Siglap carrot cake stallSource

Generous stall owner typically dons a smile, and a cowboy hat

Besides the traditional dishes, Grandfather Carrot Cake also has many innovative creations like crispy prawn cake and fried prawn omelette.

But for most, they patronise the stall for the well-loved authentic carrot cake, priced between $4 and $6.

At the carrot cake stall, char kway teow is also being sold at an affordable price between $4.50 and $6.50.

Siglap carrot cake stallSource

The stall owner is pretty easy to recognise, just look for the one with a cowboy hat.

Siglap carrot cake stallSource

The stall owner dubs himself ‘Mr Big Kodo’ and owns a couple of food stalls around Singapore.

He’s also known by customers for his friendly demeanour, but as word gets around about his free food initiative, he is being touted as a generous kind soul too.

Speaking to MS News, Mr Big Kodo shares that he has actually been offering free food since he ventured into the business.

Having once tasted how it was like to struggle with money himself, Mr Big Kodo says he does what he can to help.

He especially feels for migrant workers who are working far from home and often offers them “free” food and drinks, in hopes of making their day.

Despite his generous acts, Mr Big Kodo insisted that it was “no big deal”, which spoke volumes about his kindness.

Grandfather Carrot Cake Stall is open every day

Though the stall owner does not accept donations, you can still support his cause by patronising the stall.

Here are more deets on the stall:

Grandfather Carrot Cake
Address: 15 Upper East Coast Road, Singapore 455207
Opening Hours:
Mon: 6am-4.30pm,
Tue-Sat: 6.30am-4.30pm,
Sun: 5.30am-4.30pm

While you’re at the Soy Eu Tua Kopitiam, you can also check out the famous Ah Lim Bak Chor Mee and the Nonya stall known for its refreshing bowl of Chendol.

If making a trip down to the East is too much of a hassle, Grandfather Carrot Cake also offers delivery, so you can do good even from the comforts of your home.

Kudos to the kind stall-owner

Kudos to the kind-hearted stall owner for helping those in need, especially at a time where most businesses are suffering as a result of the pandemic.

But it’s tough times like these that we truly see the good in humanity. Hopefully, the hawker’s actions will inspire others to start similar initiatives of their own.

In the meantime, why not satisfy your tummy while supporting a great cause by supporting Grandfather Carrot Cake stall?

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