Singapore McDonald’s Menu Is One Of The World’s Best, Claims American YouTuber

Singapore McDonald’s Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Is The Best Burger He Has Tried

Some of you may be familiar with the YouTube channel, Strictly Dumpling, where American YouTuber Mikey Chan documents his travels around the world in search of good food.

Earlier this year, Mikey travelled over to Singapore, but while most tourists would go for our hawker fares, he decided to go for something more familiar — McDonald’s.

On Friday (3 May), he posted a video of him reviewing items from Singapore McDonald’s menu and claimed that it was one of the best McDonald’s experience he has ever had.

That’s high praise indeed since it came from someone who had literally travelled the world for food.

You can watch the video in full here, we also summarise the events after the jump.

“Greatest pie” Mcdonald’s has ever made

While most of us would save desserts for last, Mikey decided to have his peach pie first, so it wouldn’t turn cold.


Right off the bat, Mikey couldn’t help but be in awe of how aromatic the pie was, comparing its smell to a “peach orchard”.

He had a few bites of it and proclaimed it as the best pie McDonald’s came up with, with its flaky crust and sweet peach filling.


In fact, his first bite of the pie was so memorable that Mikey claimed he will remember that moment for the rest of his life.


Big fan of the burgers

Moving on to the main course, Mikey ordered not 1, not 2, but 4 burgers from the Singapore McDonald’s menu.

First off were the Prosperity Burgers, which in case you don’t know, are limited-edition burgers that McDonald’s launch during the Chinese New Year period.


Mikey had high praise for the Prosperity Burgers, and in particular, was so fond of the black pepper sauce that he wished McDonald’s would sell it in a separate bottle.


He recommended going for the beef burger over the chicken, which reminded him of the black pepper beef ribs dish at tze char eateries back home.

McSpicy was spicy but shiok 

Next on the list was the McSpicy burger, which Singaporean viewers apparently told him was a must-try during his visit.


Like many of us xiao la eaters, Mikey found the burger to be rather spicy, but in an enjoyable way.


He also loved how moist the chicken patties were, and described the batter used in the chicken patty in just one word:


Buttermilk Crispy Chicken sandwich = best burger from McDonald’s

Last on his burger feast was the Buttermilk Crispy Chicken sandwich, which according to Mikey, was,

The best McDonald’s sandwich I’ve ever had in my entire global McDonald’s tour.

From the crunchy lettuce to the spicy mayonnaise, to even the lettuce chicken patty, Mikey was in love with every single component of the sandwich.


He even claimed that this was the only McDonald’s burger he foresaw himself missing after leaving a foreign country and labelled it the ‘Miss Universe of McDonald’s sandwiches”.


Even the beverages are good

To end his meal off, Mikey grabbed himself a pandan soft serve cone from the dessert kiosk.


While his reaction to the ice cream was significantly milder compared those he had for the burger, he still enjoyed it nonetheless.


He even found a way to enjoy both deserts available then at the same time — dipping the peach pie into the pandan soft serve.


The best McDonald’s meal he has ever had

Summarising his Singapore McDonald’s meal, Mickey claimed that it was arguably one of the best McDonald’s meals he has ever had.

While we are proud of Singapore McDonald’s for giving Mikey one of the best McDonald’s experiences he has ever had, do you agree with his food review?

Comment down below if you’ve been to a McDonald’s overseas that is better than Singapore’s!

Featured image from YouTube.

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