S’poreans Caught At Manila Airport For Bringing 150kg Worth Of Fruits & Dim Sum Without A Permit

5 S’poreans Caught Bringing 150kg Worth Of Food Into Manila

On Monday evening (14 Oct), 5 Singaporean men and 1 Chinese national arrived in Manila for a casino trip.

However, they were stopped at the airport customs as they could not produce a permit for bringing 150kg worth of food into the country, according to The Straits Times.


Arrived at Manila for casino getaway

These 6 men arrived at Philippines as they planned to play at a casino for a few days.


However, when they landed, they were stopped by the custom agents for bringing large quantities of food without having an import permit. The food weighed a total of 150kg, containing different types of fruits and dim sum.

96kg of fruits & 65kg of dimsum

According to The Straits Times, 96kg worth of grapes and passion fruit were confiscated along with 65kg of siew mai, char siew pau, and rice with meat — possibly lor mai kai.

The reason as to why they needed so much food was not explained.

Food at Manila airport warehouse

The Straits Times revealed that the 6 men aged between 28 to 57 did not get charged, nor were they held back at the airport.

However, the large amounts of food they dabao-ed have been brought to the Manila airport warehouse.

A lesson we can learn from this is: if you really need to bring that much food overseas, at least get yourself an import permit.

Else, you might end up empty-handed like these 6 men.

Feature images adapted from BurppleDaily Express.

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