S’poreans Entering M’sia Should Ensure Passport Stamps Are Correct Or Risk Getting Banned

Foreign Affairs Ministry Reminds Singaporeans Travelling To Malaysia To Check Passport Stamps

Now that the year-end holidays are here, we trust many families have plans to travel overseas.

During this time, it’s always better to be well-informed and prepared before travelling.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a travel advisory on Wednesday (13 Nov), reminding Singaporeans to take necessary precautions, and familiarise themselves with the laws and customs restrictions of countries they’re travelling to.


In particular, they reminded Singaporeans travelling to and from Malaysia to ensure your passports are stamped correctly before leaving.


Otherwise, you’ll be in hot water as failure to do so is an immigration offence.

Check for correct passport stamps or risk heavy punishment

According to the advisory, Singaporeans travelling to and from Malaysia via land checkpoints should check your passports for correct stamps before departing from the immigration booth.


MFA added that failure to do so might result in severe punishments such as:

  • Detention
  • Fine
  • Ban from entering the country in the future

So if you’d like to ensure a smooth journey across the Causeway with your family and friends, remember to check that your passports are stamped correctly with the correct date stated.

Singaporeans also advised to catch up on local news

In addition, MFA advises Singaporeans to stay updated on local news of the country you’re visiting.

This is to prevent getting into unforeseen circumstances such as “protests or demonstrations”.

A Singaporean lady trapped in a sea of protesters at Hong Kong Airport in Augm trying to catch her flight home

After all, we trust none of you would want your vacations to turn into a disaster, so it’s best to be safe than sorry.

Take responsibility of your own safety

Apart from that, Singaporeans should also take responsibility of your own safety overseas.

In the travel reminder, those who plan to partake in “outdoor leisure activities” overseas should take note of the potential risks it carries.


Singaporeans should also ensure that you are “physically competent to take part in an activity”, reminds MFA.

Safe travels, everyone

If you have any doubts or questions regarding MFA’s travel reminder, you can contact your nearest Singapore Overseas Mission or call the MFA duty office at +65 6379 8800/8855.

With that, MS News wishes all Singaporeans travelling overseas a smooth journey ahead. Do remember to stay healthy and safe while having fun!

Feature images adapted from gov.sg and dreamstime

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