SMRT To Get 300 Electric Taxis From Jul 2021 In Bid To Go Green

From buses to rental cars, more vehicles in Singapore are becoming electric — a more sustainable mode with fewer emissions.

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The latest to do so is local transport corporation SMRT, which will receive its first batch of electric taxis from Jul 2021.

It aims to revamp its entire taxi fleet to battery-powered vehicles within 5 years from now.

SMRT to have 100% electric taxis in 5 years

In a press release on Tuesday (20 Apr), SMRT announces that its taxi fleet will become 100% electric in the next 5 years.

According to a Straits Times article quoting LTA, the corporate now has 1,796 taxis in its fleet.

This is part of the company’s ‘Strides Mobility’ strategy to champion sustainable urban mobility.


Other than taxis, the strategy also aims to introduce mobility services involving electric cars, vans, limousines, motorcycles, and buses.

This makes SMRT one of Singapore’s first transport operators to deploy electric taxis on a large scale.

First 300 to arrive from Jul 2021

The first batch of electric taxis – totaling 300 – will arrive on our shores from Jul 2021. That’s in about 2 months’ time.


The electric taxis will come in a variety of models, including sedans, station wagons, and multi-purpose vehicles.

In fact, SMRT’s journey towards clean-energy vehicles started back in 2013.

It had included over 600 Toyota Prius Hybrid cabs to its fleet, making it the largest hybrid taxi operator in Singapore then.

The company’s taxi fleet has been 100% hybrid vehicles since 2020.

Look forward to greener transportation

As Singapore works towards a more sustainable future, transforming key industries such as transportation is crucial.

We’re glad that more concrete plans are in place to reduce emissions, and we look forward to taking a ride on the new electric cabs.

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Featured image adapted from Taxi Singapore.