SMRT Bus Driver Remembers Regular Passengers & Greets Them Everyday, Warms Everyone’s Hearts

SMRT Bus Driver Remembers Passengers & Greets Them Every Morning, Bringing Joy To Morning Commutes

For many of us who take the same bus to school or work, we often have minimal interaction with the bus driver we see daily.

However, this bus captain is an exception.


Besides giving warm greetings to “regular” passengers and remembering little details about them, he wishes them well as they get off the bus for their day ahead.

With his friendly attitude, he certainly brought smiles to the faces of many commuters.

SMRT bus driver greets everyone on board

Facebook user Mr Lee typically boards bus 187 at Bukit Batok and will see the same bus driver in action as early as 7 am.


According to him, the captain acknowledges every single one of his passengers.


The bus driver even remembers him as the teacher from Crest Secondary School, as he had seen Mr Lee talking to students before.

On Tuesday (3 Mar), Mr Lee beckoned the bus captain to wait for an old man making his way slowly to the bus.

However, he explains that “his request was not necessary”.

The bus driver exclaimed that the elderly with the cane is his regular and he was not going to leave him behind.

Accounting for every passenger is certainly his forte, as he even wished students good luck and reminded them to study hard as they got off the bus.

Alerts passengers when he makes a swerve

Mr Lee also compliments the bus driver’s superb driving skills and commitment to upholding the safety of his passengers.

He acknowledged how the bus driver would call out the phrase, “road turning”, at every swerve on the road.

This is to ensure that those standing on board won’t lose their balance with the drastic movements.

Mr Lee is not the only one who shares this gratitude towards the bus captain. Many took to the comment section in Mr Lee’s Facebook post to thank the kind driver.


People are also urging Mr Lee to write in to SMRT to compliment the captain so that he can receive acknowledgment for his excellent service.


His sweetness warmed the hearts of Singaporeans

We all go about our busy lives every day, without thinking much about the fellow Singaporeans around us.

With his consistent little gestures, the bus captain shows us how a positive and enthusiastic attitude can create a huge impact on the lives of others.

The lively atmosphere he tries to create in his vehicle certainly warms the hearts of many Singaporeans.

We all can take a tip or two from this bus captain and try to make every day of our lives as meaningful as his.

We hope that the bus driver’s positivity and enthusiasm remain contagious so that many more can continue spreading the joy that he gives in his little gestures.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Flickr.

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