10 Things You Didn’t Know About Yan Kay Kay [SM Spotlight 02]

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She’s more than just a pretty face

Does the name Yan Kay Kay ring a bell?

Maybe you remember her as blogger queen Xiaxue’s ex-BFF who was embroiled in the Xiaxue vs. Gushcloud saga. Or maybe you better remember her for co-hosting Click Network show Chick vs Dick, where she challenged Paul Twohill in everything from stuffing marshmallows in their mouths to performing fire stunts to pole dancing.

Is there anything this spunky chick can’t do?

We find out 10 things about Kay Kay you didn’t know:

1. Her birth name is…


Yan Qihua. If you’ve been wondering if Kay Kay is her real name, the mystery ends here. It was initially a nickname, most probably derived from the Cantonese pronunciation of her original name, “Kay Wah”.

2. She was a Deal or No Deal briefcase girl

Kay Kay was Case #22 in the second season of Deal or No Deal hosted by Adrian Pang. Other notable briefcase girls in the show are Andrea Fonseka, Velda Tan, and Melissa Faith Yeo.


 3. She epitomises girl power

In an episode of Chick vs. Dick, Paul and Kay Kay were tasked to catch frogs. Sensing Paul’s hesitation, Kay Kay volunteered to go first and scooped up the frogs into a plastic bag with just one gloved hand.

Besides catching those slimy creatures, Kay Kay also has no qualms about eating insects. Watch as Kay Kay bravely tries silkworms, tarantulas and… a crocodile claw:

What else can she not do?

Cockroaches may be a girl’s nightmare, but not Kay Kay’s. In fact, she can even catch them with her bare hands.


Yup, that was Kay Kay catching roaches. No masks, no gloves, no nothing. Watch the full episode here:

4. She was from a chain of elite schools

Kay Kay may be a model who won 2009 Channel 5 reality show The S Factor and was even ranked #7 in FHM Top 100 Sexiest Women Singapore in 2008, but she sure is no bimbo. Did you know she scored a whopping 264 for her PSLE? She would then go on to Raffles Girls School, Anglo Chinese Junior College and eventually graduate from National University of Singapore.


5. She has an entrepreneurial spirit

She started her blogshop KandyKayne in 2011 and modelled for her shop. She later opened a KandyKayne boutique at Bugis Village. However, KandyKayne does not seem to be in operation anymore.


Two years later, Kay Kay started an Instagram account with her friend called My Dream Bag, which allows people to sell their preloved branded items on the account for a rate. Today, My Dream Bag has a strong following of 28.2k and is constantly updated with new bags and other luxury goods.

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 5.46.58 pmSource

6. She was not born with a dimple

Have you been mesmerised by Kay Kay’s cute, dimpled smile?

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 11.09.28 amSource

Then you might be surprised to know that it wasn’t au naturel. A dimple is still a dimple after all, and we aren’t complaining.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 2.21.28 pmSource

8. She has a coverup tattoo for a coverup tattoo

Everyone’s gotta have their own signature tattoo, right? Xiaxue’s got the crown, Eunice Annabel’s got the Victoria’s Secret wings and… Kay Kay’s got the cherry blossom.

Her original tattoo was a small star behind her right ear, which she got with Xiaxue and Fann Wong’s sister, Fan Wenqing when they were close friends. She later got a snake tattoo as a coverup…

tatt11-500x358 (1)Source

…but eventually decided to get a coverup of the coverup, and ended up with a cherry blossom tattoo.


8. She kissed a girl and she liked it

When they were still BFFs, of course.

Unless you’re living under a rock, you would have known that Kay Kay was Xiaxue’s ex-BFF after their public fallout. In fact, they used to be so close they shared a passionate kiss.

Needless to say, this controversial video went viral and Click Network was requested by MDA to take the video down.

But for your viewing pleasure, we’ve found one here:

9. She dares to talk about her bedroom habits

Apart from the kissing video, this controversial video was also often talked about online. Watch as Paul and Kay Kay get raunchy in a kinky game of Truth or Dare. We’re not spoiling it for you – you’ll have to watch for yourself!

*viewer discretion advised

Kay Kay also planted a kiss on her co-host Paul in Part 2 here (lucky you, Paul!):

10. She can tie a cherry stalk with her tongue

This makes the list because I don’t know anyone who can actually do that. Sounds preeetttyyy easy, but it’s actually a really tall order. She can even do double knots and triple knots on the cherry stalk!

Can you do that too?

Watch from 5:25 – 6:11:

5 minutes with Kay Kay

We had an email interview with Kay Kay, who kindly obliged. Of course, we made use of this opportunity to throw her 5 questions to better know her on a personal level.

1. Are you in a relationship now?
Yes I am.

2. So you went out with Elliot and Ming Han (@dmingthing) in A Date with the Stars. Are they close to your perception of an ideal man or what are some traits that your ideal man should have?
Hmm parts of them yes. Elliot is sweet and smart and Ming is thoughtful and supportive, all important traits in an ideal man. He should also have drive and be grammatically sound.

3. We all know your kissing video with Xiaxue went viral years back but now the both of you have fallen out. If you were to kiss another girl now, who would it be and why?
Wow so hard to choose. Probably Sylvia from NOC; I’m obsessed with her lips. Having said that, I doubt I’d do another video like that for real. It’s not part of the image I want to portray now.

4. Do you have any plans for a baby?
Haha no I don’t. Babies are a lot of work and I don’t see myself devoting so much to them as of now.

5. Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?
Successful and happy and fulfilled, in all aspects of my life. My YouTube channel, my businesses, my personal life. While I have many goals, I’ve learnt it’s more about the journey. There’s not much point achieving my dreams if I do so unhappily and it’s a struggle all the way there. In 5 years, I want to be able to say I’ve succeeded in everything I set out to achieve and I’ve enjoyed myself every step of the way.

The Babe of All Trades

Can’t get enough of Kay Kay? Watch as she takes on different jobs from a flow ride instructor to a fishmonger here.

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