10 Soh Peishi Facts That Prove She Deserves Her 279,000 Instagram Followers

Peishi boasts over 279k followers on Instagram

Like any other teenager, Peishi started blogging as an outlet to talk about her family, friends, school and rants. Many of her readers could relate to her posts, and she garnered a huge following from teenagers and young adults.

Peishi’s popularity has been on the rise, and faces head-on competition with Naomi Neo (250k Instagram followers) in the fame game.

Here are 10 facts about Soh Peishi that you need to know:

1. She had her own blogshop

She might be fresh out of Republic Polytechnic (she graduated in May 2015), but already had a taste of being her own boss. And running a shop certainly wasn’t easy – she had to handle everything from logistics to modeling for her own blogshop, Speishop (now defunct).

The influencer had wanted to start her own clothing line due to her petite frame, which made it “difficult to find clothes of my (her) size and style out there”.

She also tried her hand at modelling, but found out it wasn’t all fun and games.

In an interview with Churp Churp, Peishi said:

I have to do quite a lot of things already so modelling for my own store adds on to the work load! I don’t do modelling so I’ve never really go for professional shoots similar to this unless necessary, so this is a fresh new experience for me as well!



2. She doesn’t like being called skinny

When modelling for her blogshop, Peishi felt insecure and worried about how the photos would turn out as she is “very skinny”.

She said on her blog:

Just so you know, not everyone wants to look skinny. Millionth time I’m saying this but I want to grow fatter and I JUST CAN’T because my body don’t function like yours. I’m probably an alien okay? Eating a lot don’t work and don’t fcking say I’m anorexic I’ll dig out your innards and burn them (not really) but just don’t. I probably eat ten times more than you.

She also thinks that calling someone skinny is as bad as calling someone fat:

Not too sure if we agree though.


3. Her favourite YouTuber is Bubzbeauty 

Peishi looks up to famous YouTuber Bubzbeauty as an inspiration:

She’s the most humble Youtuber EVER, and her videos are mostly very inspiring!

The beauty YouTuber probably motivated Peishi to do makeup tutorials online:

The lucky fan girl also got to meet Bubzbeauty up close and personal when the YouTube star visited Singapore for the YouTube Fan Fest event in May last year:

4. She made a cameo appearance on Lion Moms

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 12.00.09 pmSource

Last year, Peishi acted in Channel 5’s Lion Moms, which starred Vanessa Vanderstraaten, Bernice Liu, and Nurul Aini.

On her experience, she shared on her blog:

On top of travelling around, I got to experience so many other things like acting in a drama on Ch 5 HAHAHAHAHA and took my very first puff on the small screen. It reminds me of how much I hate cigs LOL.

Here’s a scene of Peishi in the drama:

5. She is adventurous enough to try fish sperm

During her Tokyo trip last year, Peishi was offered fish sperm during dinner and she gamely tried it. Unlike David Beckham, Peishi didn’t seem to enjoy the delicacy as much as the football legend did.

Watch as Peishi bravely tries the fish sperm (3:00), and try not to barf:

6. She was bullied in school

Peishi was bullied when she was in secondary school, and has talked about it on her blog.

Things got worse when Peishi started blogging in private, and had her chatbox spammed with nasty comments about her height, looks, and her personality.

However, the bullies pointed fingers at her and accused her of making those mean comments herself:

Most of the time, I will be the one being singled out of class by the bullies and got accused for spamming mean comments on their blogs. I never retaliate because retaliation might be the worst idea ever. You must be thinking “Where the hell are your friends when you got bullied?” — they disappeared.

But that wasn’t the pits — the bullying got worse the next year to the point she felt suicidal.

I got so many mean comments on my chatbox. The comments were sooooo mean that they made me felt suicidal. Of course, I wasn’t bullied just cyberly, but verbally and physically. They threw things at me and got me to do the stupidest things, or things that I can’t do with my petite frame. (Happened in lower sec as well)

They pass me notes during lesson occasionally, scolding me for every single thing I do. I couldn’t focus in class because of that.

But her experience with bullies also sparked her determination to do better than them.

You go, girl!


7. She likes doing the “frog smile”

A fan of close-lipped smiles, Peishi terms it her “frog smile”.



Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 10.40.08 amSource

Don’t believe? Here’s a side-by-side comparison:


Source/ Source

Still, we don’t think we’ve ever seen a cuter frog.

8. She is a K-Pop fan 

The avid K-pop fan would love to meet Jung Yong Hwa from boy band CNBLUE if she had the chance to.

Watch as Peishi gushes about the South Korean singer (2:38):

She wants to see him half-naked too ‎( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

9. She is a part of #lapsupswag 

No, it’s not a new girl band. It’s a self-coined name given by this group of girls consisting of blogger Rachell Tan, MediaCorp’s resident twins Hayley and Jayley, and Peishi herself.

Peishi has been friends with Rachell from as early as 2012, and the duo met Hayley and Jayley as they all shared the same nail sponsor. Naturally, the four of them went out together and got closer. As for the name of #lapsupswag, Peishi shared in her Q and A video (see previous point) that the term came about as they were talking about a lap sup (sleazy) guy and it later became a common topic they all talked about.

In fact, the hashtag for their clique is so unique that it yields the top search results when you Google it:

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 1.19.09 pm


10. She used to hang out with Naomi Neo

Now “rivals” in the online sphere, the girls used to be pretty chummy back in their early blogging days.

Peishi shared about how they got acquainted:

I got more involved into blogging and joined more blog events after making a few blogger friends from there.
Then, I met Rachell.
We weren’t very close at first but there was once when we went out together – with Noah and Naomi.
Noah somehow got Rachell to ask Naomi and I out for something so that’s how I met Naomi and Noah.

The girls later got closer and would hang out – just the two of them.


Subsequently, Peishi and Naomi got signed to different managements and slowly drifted apart.

Bullying victim to popular influencer

Beneath the facade of a bubbly girl lies a victim of bullying who emerged stronger in the face of adversity and successfully carved a name for herself.

With her mass of 248k and growing number of Instagram followers, the young influencer has certainly come a long way.

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