Man Builds 2-Tier Plant Display With Mist Along HDB Corridor, Resembles A Space-Age Garden

Man Builds Space-Age Garden Along HDB Corridor

Many millennials have turned to gardening during the pandemic as a form of self-care and we’ve definitely seen a plant craze in Singapore over the past year.

One person who can attest to this is TikTok user @afiqomarali, who built a 2-tier plant display outside his HDB corridor. To provide proper care to his plants, he made a mist delivery system that intermittently shoots mist towards his plants.

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The set-up coupled with grow lights make it look like a space-age garden, all in the confines of an HDB corridor.

Space-age garden uses DIY mist delivery system to care for plants

Mr Afiq has paraded his plant set-up on TikTok on various occasions, with new plants seemingly added to his collection with every new video.

As we witness his journey in gardening, Mr Afiq took things up a notch when he decided to build a mist delivery system by tinkering around with a pair of smart humidifiers.

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Crafty in his approach, Mr Afiq lined tubing along with his 2-tier display and allowed the mist to go through them before drilling holes to let the mist come out at different points.

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Although it looks exceptionally futuristic, it has a clever purpose to it. With the help of the smart humidifiers, Mr Afiq can control when the mist is delivered throughout the day.

This way, his plants can get watered even when he’s not at home.

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Netizens clamouring for a tutorial

After building the set-up and filming more TikTok videos, it seems that his neighbours have caught a case of the green thumb too.

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Netizens who watched his videos continued piling on their adoration for his garden set-up, with many clamouring for a tutorial to follow along.


Meanwhile, other netizens were worried about the slippery corridor floors since it may pose a risk for anyone walking past.


However, Mr Afiq says that he’s continually looking to upgrade and improve on his garden.


He also provided an update in which the National Environment Agency (NEA) commended him on his pest-free set-up.

Inexpensive hobby to get into

It’s always a treat when HDB residents decorate their corridors – while following all laws and restrictions – and make our neighbourhoods more vibrant

Gardens by the HDB corridor, indeed.

We love to see more people getting into gardening, what with the benefits it has on one’s mental health.

Cheers to Mr Afiq for his garden and maybe this will inspire others to get into gardening too.

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Featured image courtesy of @afiqomarali on TikTok

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