SPCA Vet Rescues Sick Senior Pets Given Up By Owners, Shares How Working Full-Time Feels

SPCA Full-Time Vet Says Senior Pets Need Help & Support Too, Just Like The Elderly

Senior pets in Singapore deserve as much love and care as they did when they were young.

Sadly, some pet owners think the way to deal with their sick, aged animals is to give them up.

Dr Bel, the only full-time vet at SPCA Singapore, shares how it’s like to rescue and treat older pets who were either abandoned on the streets or left at SPCA’s doorstep, in a viral Facebook video.

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In the 5-minute long video, Dr Bel, who works at the only animal shelter clinic in Singapore, told us how pets are often given up due to old age, and shared the emotional story of their rescues.

Senior pets often surrendered or abandoned at SPCA

At the 3:56 mark, Dr Bel says she often sees senior pets being surrendered to the shelter or abandoned on the streets.


According to her, such cases happen a lot as these animals “develop more health issues” as they grow older.


In her touching account, she also revealed a few heartbreaking stories of how these senior animals would look confused and try to look for their family after being left at SPCA’s doorstep.

Hoping to break this saddening ‘trend’, Dr Bel mentioned that having a senior pet has its perks as well.

Perks of having senior pets

Dr Bel lightened up the mood by talking about her own senior cat who needs special care.

She shared that the interesting part about having a senior cat is experiencing the little changes in his behaviour, like becoming a “grumpy old fella”.


Her cat also has funny habits, like running away after biting her ankles. This usually happens when she doesn’t pamper him with a few pats.

At the end, Dr Bel stressed on the importance of being there for your senior pets and supplementing them with “supportive care”.

In conjunction with this year’s World Animal Day, SPCA will be celebrating senior pets by giving away $100 worth of Paw-neer Generation Packages.

Appreciating our paw-neer generation

In an extended effort to show love and care to ‘pioneer generation’ animals, SPCA will be giving away $100 worth of pet supplies to 100 senior dogs and cats respectively.


To know whether your senior pet qualifies as a ‘pioneer generation animal’, they’d have to be 10 years old and above.

To enter the giveaway, you can send your application here.

SPCA is also looking for Singapore’s oldest pet dog and cat. These lucky pets will receive an exclusive care package worth $700 each.


The care package includes services ranging from free health checks to complimentary grooming and hand-drawn pet portraits.

If you don’t own a senior pet or are considering adopting a pet, you can visit SPCA’s upcoming World Animal Day adoption drive.

SPCA World Animal Day adoption drive on 5 & 6 Oct

Happening on 5 and 6 Oct, SPCA will be holding vet talks, an adoption drive, and pet merchandise sales during their annual World Animal Day event.

Admission is free, so why not take the chance to and meet some adorable animals up for adoption at the drive?

Here’s what you need to know if you plan to go.

SPCA World Animal Day 2019 

Venue: The Star Vista,1 Vista Exchange Green, Singapore 138617
Date: 5 & 6 Oct 2019
Time: 11am-8pm
Nearest MRT: Buona Vista MRT station

This adoption drive, like many others held in Singapore, gives abandoned animals their best chance to meet their future owners and homes.

If you can’t adopt, but still wish to support SPCA’s cause, you can consider donating to them here.

Otherwise, we can also help by sharing this post and spreading awareness on senior pet abandonment cases in Singapore. After all, we believe all lives matter, be it animal or human.

Feature image adapted from SPCA Singapore on Facebook .

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