Starbucks Has Gorgeous Navy Pink Sakura Tumblers & LOQI Bags From 13 Mar

Starbucks’ Sakura Blooms Collection Available In All Stores From 13 Mar

We all want to take a trip to the land of cherry blossoms, but of course, we can’t just pack up and leave our responsibilities in the city.

In case you’ve been craving for a taste of spring, Starbucks just announced the arrival of their Sakura Blooms collection, as part of their cherry blossom collection on Wednesday (13 Mar).

Gorgeous navy blue & sakura pink tumblers

Fans will know that last year’s midnight sakura blossom-themed tumblers and cups had pops of pink and dark navy blue colours.

Unlike its predecessor, the latest Night Blooms collection includes cold cups and tumblers with shades of periwinkle blue, pastel pink and pretty petals.

From left to right: Night Blooms collection

Tumbler, 12oz: $34.90 
Tumbler, 12oz: $34.90 

Makoto Shinkai said that the speed at which cherry blossoms fall is 5 centimeters per second. This metaphorically represents how people start together then slowly drift apart. We’re tempted to test that theory with their Falling Petals collection because it seems like we’ll never let these go.

From left to right: Falling Petals collection

Cold Cup, 24oz: $29.90
Cold Cup, 24oz: $44.90
Mug, 12oz: $29.90

These sakura-themed water bottles and cold cups are undoubtedly better for the environment. They’re all decked out in shades of gold and soft pink hues too, which are guaranteed to make your coffee runs the golden highlight of your day.

From left to right: Gold Hues collection

Water Bottle, 15oz: $22.90
Cold Cup, 16oz: $22.90
Water Bottle, 12oz: $39.90

Starbucks LOQI bags & plate sets

Starbucks has collaborated with LOQI to create 3 eco-friendly themed bags at $14.90 each.

Although Singapore only has the wet and dry season, these foldable tote bags will let you carry a bit of spring wherever you go.

You’ll be happy to find that this dependable companion is strong enough to carry your groceries and sales hauls. And it’ll match your floral outfits too!

Those tired circular plates will have a blast with this Sakura Dish and Plate Set available in sets of 2 at $21.90 per set.

We’re curious to know if our take-out dinners will look more beautiful on top of them.

Azuki red bean & matcha frappuccinos

Starbucks’ welcomes the cherry blossom season with two new flavours — Azuki Crème Blossom Frappuccino and Matcha Azuki Crème Blossom Frappuccino.

The Azuki Blossom Frappuccino is made up of red bean with milk and ice. It’s topped with cranberry bits, whipped cream and pink and white rice-wafer petals. For the tall-sized blended drink, it costs $7.90.

Matcha lovers take note of the Matcha Azuki Crème Blossom Frappuccino which includes a base of green tea, red bean, milk and ice. It’s topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with tart cranberry bits and pink or white rice petals. For the tall-sized blended drink, it costs $8.50.

Cherry blossom season in your own cups

The new sakura-themed tumblers, bags and beverages will undoubtedly make you feel like you’re experiencing the cherry blossom season too.

While we’ll never see spring in sunny Singapore, at least you can collect kawaii pink merchandise. If you ever get bored of the tropics, you can always book a flight to Japan and witness the spring season come to life.

All images courtesy of Starbucks Singapore.

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