Stefanie Sun’s Sister Says She’s Cutting Ties With Her As Their Relationship Has Cooled Off

Stefanie Sun’s Younger Sister Says She’s Been Living In The Shadows For 20 Years

To most Singaporeans, Stefanie Sun is a national treasure, having made her name across Asia for her catchy Mandopop songs and evocative voice.

However, we might forget that to others, she’s simply a wife, mother, daughter and sister.

Unfortunately, her younger sister has announced that she’s cutting off ties with the local star.

Source: @stefsunyanzi on Instagram

One reason given was that their relationship had cooled off since 2019.

Stefanie Sun’s sister cuts ties in Weibo post

In a Weibo post on Friday (5 Jan), Ms Sng Ee Mei said in Mandarin that the next day was her 40th birthday.

Thus, she wanted to take the opportunity to say something to those who knew her.

Source: Weibo

She declared,

‘So-and-so’ and I are no longer sisters from now on.

Stefanie Sun’s sister says she’s been living in the shadows

Though she didn’t mention names, Ms Sng seemed to imply that she was referring to the Mandopop singer.

In her post, she mentioned that she’s been “living in the shadows for over 20 years” and wanted “liberation”.

She also stated that she was “not a celebrity” but “could not live privately” despite this, adding,

I just want to live peacefully. The first half of my life was not easy. In the second half of my life, please allow me to have the right to define myself for my own life.

Sisters’ relationship had been cold since 2019

Sadly, Ms Sng said her relationship with her sister had been very “cold” since 2019.

The last photo Stefanie, 45, posted with her younger sister on Instagram was on 2 March 2018.

Source: @stefsunyanzi on Instagram

For the last three years, Ms Sng claimed she has tried various means to communicate with her older sister.

However, she’s now tired of doing so.

She apologised if she had fallen short in the 40 years of being a younger sister, and hoped the people who hurt her, intentionally or unintentionally, could learn from it and find their peace.

Trouble brewing behind the scenes

Ms Sng had appeared in Stefanie’s photos over the years and the sisters appeared to be close.

However, trouble seemed to be brewing within the family when the younger sister posted on Weibo in May 2023 that she had a complicated relationship with her mother because she didn’t want to become a doctor.

Source: Weibo

Some of the discontent she felt appeared to have been over her parents’ apparent favouritism for her sister, according to her exchanges with netizens on Weibo.

In a 2022 post, Ms Sng also expressed unhappiness over strangers in Australia whom she claimed secretly recorded her while she was eating.

She said she shouldn’t have to “suffer the same things” she did in Singapore even after moving to Australia.

Stefanie and Ee Mei have an eldest sister, Yee Kia, who works in the preschool sector.

Stefanie has not responded to her sister’s post on any of her social media platforms.

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