S’pore Student Creates Online Sticker Shop, Wants To Unite All Local Artists & Sell Their Designs There

S’porean Creates Creates Platform For Local Artists

Many Singaporeans are vocal about endorsing the Support Local movement, but that can be hard to do sometimes. After all, it’s hard to sift out our local creators from others on huge international sites.

Spotting a niche in the market, Redditor StrokeOfLife took matters into his own hands and created stickr.sg, a platform for Singaporean creators to sell their stickers.

Stickr.sg for local stickers

Bullet journalling and studygram are popular trends that help make studying better by allowing students to “prettify” their work materials, and a major component of these trends is aesthetic stationery.

That’s why stickers, which easily jazz up a page, have been so popular recently.


For those who are looking for unique or localised designs, head over to stickr.sg, and you’ll be able to find stickers already from at least 20 different creators who have come on board the platform.



The stickers are adorable and we have a special soft spot for the local-themed ones. Like the stickers from Vallee Art that feature designs with local munchies like muah chee and ice cream sandwiches.



There’s tau huay stickers too.



Or the playground-inspired stickers from Omatian, along with their “Kopicats” — cats in kopi cups.



There are also anime-inspired designs.



How to make a purchase

As with most online purchases these days, just add any item(s) to cart and click checkout.

Then fill in your details and choose your method of payment.

As the website uses the PayPal payment gateway, stickr.sg accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover credit cards. Debit cards are also accepted.

Student creates platform for local artwork

The founder of Stickr.sg, StrokeOfLife, shared on Reddit that he created the platform because he couldn’t find a common platform for local artists to sell their products, forcing them to sell either on international platforms or on their Instagram pages.

This made it troublesome for him to look out for different local creators, so he set out to make a change. He states that his goal is to “build a community within Singapore creators and the consumers rather than straight-up doing a business”.

The best part? Becoming a partner with stickr.sg is relatively cheap. The creator explains that this platform would be beneficial for many artists:

I think that this platform can be empowering and enables the smaller creators who just started out their career… to be found by the followers of those more established creators on this marketplace.


StrokeOfLife also shared that stickr.sg‘s eventual goal will be to help the needy.

He wants to do this by helping less fortunate students to create their own sticker designs and selling it on the platform. This way, they’ll gain experience being an entrepreneur and have an avenue to earn their own pocket money.

We hope that the platform will continue to grow and benefit both the creatives and a larger community too.

Featured images adapted from stickr.sg and stickr.sg.

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