Students In China Perform ‘Genshin Impact’ Dance, Scolded By Principal Who Thought Game Is Japanese

Principal In China Reprimands Students Who Performed To ‘Genshin Impact’ Soundtrack

While school concert rehearsals should be a lighthearted affair, it only takes one bad comment to sour the mood.

Recently in China, the principal of Nantong University Affiliated Middle School scolded his students after witnessing their rehearsal.

The students had used a clip and soundtrack from the popular game ‘Genshin Impact’, where players take on different characters to complete missions.

Although the game was produced by a Chinese Developer, the principal reprimanded students for featuring “Japanese culture” in their performance.

The clip of his harsh feedback session made rounds on Chinese social media, with many netizens calling him out for his ignorance.

Principal in China scolds students for ‘Genshin Impact’ performance

According to Wenwu on Weibo, the students were receiving feedback for a rehearsal of their school anniversary stage.

The students performed to ‘Dance of Sabzeruz’, a popular soundtrack from ‘Genshin Impact’.

The students also used a clip of ‘Nilou’, an animated character from the game, as a backdrop for their dance.

Source: 原神老萌新 on Douyin

Pointing out the students’ choice of backdrop and music, the principal reprimanded:

Your background image and background music are all Japanese culture. That is absolutely not allowed.

He added, “You can like it privately, but in such public occasions, on the stage for a school anniversary, such culture, background music and images are absolutely unallowed.”

Source: 原神老萌新 on Douyin

‘Genshin Impact’ is actually produced by Chinese developer HoYoverse, formerly known as miHoYo.

However, the principal likely mistook the game for being Japanese due to the anime-like characters in the game.

Source: 原神老萌新 on Douyin

The principal continued,

You cannot use this kind of music, you cannot use this kind of images. What we want is positive China culture.

In another video clip of the incident on Weibo, the principal also commented that their performance required major changes.

He also threatened to cancel the performance if the students did not comply.

The principal also asked for the student in charge, and blamed him for “spoiling” the school anniversary performances.

Source: 外贸商老贾 on Weibo

The students were clearly dejected by his feedback, as the video then zoomed into their crestfallen expressions.

Netizens call out principal for ignorance

That said, it seems like the principal is not the only one with the misconception that the game was Japanese.

Onlookers commented “This is a Japanese picture”, and “Genshin Impact is a game produced by a Japanese platform” in the background of the video.

Nevertheless, the principal’s harsh scolding drew backlash from Chinese netizens.

One user criticised how he did not bother hearing the students out before reprimanding them.

Source: Weibo


They also called out the principal for being “two-faced”, as he recently hosted a group of guests from a Japanese school.

Source: Weibo

Principal reprimands students for featuring Genshin Impact

Unfortunately for the students, they had to sit through the scolding — no matter how unfair it was.

However, the principal might’ve genuinely thought that the game was from Japan, due to the art style and the name itself.

Do you think the scolding session was justified? Let us know in the comments.

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Featured image adapted from 原神老萌新 on Douyin.

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