Temasek Secondary School Has ‘Anything But A Bag’ Day, Rewards Students For Creative Backpack Alternatives

Students At Temasek Secondary School Bring Alternatives For Backpack To School

Earlier this year, the trend of schools having a ‘No Backpack Day’ went viral on TikTok. In an effort to raise awareness of poverty, students would have to bring their books in anything but a bag.

Now, Temasek Secondary School has hopped on the trend too.

Source: Temasek Secondary School on Facebook

This time round, though, they’ve gone the extra mile to reward students who had the most innovative idea for an alternative backpack.

Students who cinched the top prize used items such as a cooking pot and a wooden basket to carry their items.

As appreciation for their ingenuity, the school has given them Starbucks gift cards.

Temasek Secondary students bring a creative backpack

Temasek Secondary School commemorated the event through a post on Friday (1 Jul), which was also Youth Day.

Source: Temasek Secondary School on Facebook

Dubbing it as “Anything But A Bag Day”, the school instructed students to bring alternatives to a backpack.

Source: Temasek Secondary School on Facebook

The event was a resounding success, with many of them participating gleefully.

The winning students had the most creative alternatives, among which were an ironing board, a cooking pot, and a vacuum cleaner.

Source: Temasek Secondary School on Facebook

They received a Starbucks gift card each for their efforts, and were featured in the highlights on the school’s Instagram page.

Trend brings social issues to light

Temasek Secondary School isn’t the only institution in Singapore to take on this challenge. Schools such as Jurong-Pioneer Junior College and Catholic Junior College have hosted the event as well.

More commonly termed “No Backpack Day”, the movement is a way for students across the globe to walk a day in the shoes of the less fortunate.

Source: Temasek Secondary School on Facebook

Children in such predicaments do not have as much access to facilities or supplies as we do. In some cases, they are even forced to carry their books and stationeries to school using whatever means available as they don’t have dedicated school bags.

In addition to bringing alternatives to backpacks, schools would also usually donate backpacks and supplies to the less fortunate.

Hope event was enlightening as much as it was fun

Seeing local students come up with such innovative ways of bringing their items to school is certainly awe-inspiring.

As they carry out the challenge, we hope they recognise the importance of the cause behind it.

Hopefully, more schools will follow suit in rewarding their students for expressing their creativity.

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Featured image adapted from Temasek Secondary School on Facebook.

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