Jurong Pioneer JC Has ‘No Backpack Day’, Students Carry Basin & Cold Storage Trolley

Jurong Pioneer JC Students Get Creative On ‘No Backpack Day’

Frequent TikTok users may have come across viral clips of students in schools overseas using all sorts of alternative carriers in place of backpacks, often to hilarious results. Now, Jurong Pioneer Junior College (JC) has hopped on what has become known as the ‘No Backpack Day’ trend.

A student captured some of the creative items her schoolmates used in a TikTok video that she posted on Wednesday (19 Apr).


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From plastic containers to supermarket trolleys, their ingenious ideas earned praise from bemused netizens.

Jurong Pioneer JC students carry shoeboxes to school

TikTok user @jia.ennn first shared a clip of the school’s quirky ‘No Backpack Day’ event on her page yesterday (19 Apr).

Going around the school that day, she recorded some unusual sights on camera. In the first few seconds of the clip, for instance, a student in what appears to be a classroom has a large plastic container on his desk, seemingly filled with school essentials.


Source: TikTok

On a separate table, another student has a clear, plastic file holder that fits a water bottle and a laptop case among other items.

Source: TikTok

Quite hilariously, one student later nonchalantly walks past the camera carrying a basin filled with his belongings.


Source: TikTok

While he looks like an earnest child working hard at his chores, his peers go for more generic options like cardboard boxes.

Source: TikTok

Perhaps the most eccentric bag replacement is this Cold Storage trolley carrying the student’s worksheets and other paraphernalia.


Source: TikTok

Students’ creativity earn praise

After the clip was posted on TikTok, viewers were quick to heap praises on the students for responding so positively to the challenge, which is a rather creative endeavour by a school in Singapore.

Some commenters quipped that the students aced the challenge, proving that “[t]hey understood the assignment”.

Source: TikTok

Many seemed to favour the student with the Cold Storage trolley, expressing their admiration for her effort.

Source: TikTok

Some noted that the student may have stolen the trolley, tagging the supermarket chain to jokingly inform them of their missing shopping cart.

Source: TikTok

All in all, however, the video clearly gave viewers a good laugh.

‘No Backpack Day’ challenge is for a good cause

In case you didn’t know, schools in countries like the United States and Poland have taken on the ‘No Backpack Day’ challenge before, where they challenge students to attend school for a day without a backpack.

The challenge aims to raise awareness of the 120 million children around the world who go to school every day carrying their books in their hands.

On such days, students will also donate their backpacks to underprivileged children so they can attend school comfortably.

Kudos to the students for committing to the challenge

Since such challenges don’t normally occur in schools here, it’s encouraging to see students unleash their creativity.

Besides making for amusing TikTok content, we’re sure they had fun attempting the challenge.

Who knows, they might even inspire other schools to follow suit.

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Featured image adapted from @jia.ennn on TikTok.

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