The Alley x LINE Just Released Adorable Limited Edition Reusable Cups In Thailand, Japan & S. Korea

The Alley x LINE Friends Eco-Friendly Cups Available In Thailand

Drinking bubble tea is a staple in many people’s “treat yo’self” days. However, BBT is far from eco-friendly, given that the sugary treat is normally sold via disposable plastic cups.

The Alley and LINE Friends recently collaborated and released a crazy cute reusable cup in Thailand, Japan, and South Korea. And unfortunately, based on reports, there aren’t yet plans to release it elsewhere.

Cute LINE Friends reusable cup

The Alley and LINE Friends released the cups on Single’s Day (11 Nov) this year, according to Malaysian blog Goody25.


The cup’s adorable design has Brown holding Sally who is sitting in a The Alley cup, surrounded by chewy tapioca pearls. Their blank expressions just serve to add more cuteness to the cup.


The reusable cup itself is retailing for ฿350 (S$15.80) but it’s cheaper if you get it with a new drink from The Alley x LINE Friends collaboration.

From now till 30 Nov, if you’re heading over to the Land of Smiles, you can get the drink and reusable cup at a bundled price of ฿390 (S$17.60).

Available on Airfrov for around S$19

The reusable cup is currently listed for around S$19 on Airfrov, an online platform where people can purchase overseas items through travellers who have additional luggage space to “dabao” the items.


A successful request doesn’t mean that someone is getting it for you, though. You’ll only be able to secure the cup if a traveller offers to help.

You can find a traveller to help you get the cup here.

Save the earth while being cute

The reusable cups are a good sign that bubble tea companies like The Alley are looking into lowering wastage through the reduction of single-use plastics.  Guess we can have our bubble tea and drink it too.

The Alley Thailand announced on Instagram that the new drinks and cups will be on sale till 31 Jan 2020, so if you’re headed over for a year-end holiday, please help to bring one back for us. Please?

Featured image adapted from Instagram and Instagram.

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