These Tables & Beds Can Transform Into Desks & Shelves, Save Space In Your BTO

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Tí Furniture Is A Homeowner’s Best Space-Saving Hack

As residents in one of the more densely populated countries in the world, Singaporeans have learned to make every bit of space count.

This usually means tearing down walls of our HDB homes or purchasing ingenious furniture that transforms for different needs with a simple sleight of hand.

Tí Furniture is a brand born from the need to make the most of living spaces now and in the future.

Image courtesy of Tí Furniture

With their multi-purpose furniture, often adding dimensions beyond what is obvious, you can live big even in a tiny home.

Coffee tables that double up as work desks

It’s no secret that most new homeowners often have to settle for smaller apartments in 2022.

That’s simply the reality, and what we can do to work around it is to essentially leverage on space-saving hacks. One great way to do this is by getting multi-purpose furniture that can double up with different functions.

Tí Furniture’s Ascend One Coffee Table is a simple and unassuming centrepiece for any living room. At first glance, it merely looks like a classy coffee table, finished in natural wood grain.

Image courtesy of Tí Furniture
Ascend One Coffee Table – S$729

However, with a simple lift of the surface, the Ascend One increases in height, turning into a table that can be used for work or an intimate meal.

This nifty feature also opens up extra storage space that you can use to quickly hide clutter when the in-laws swing by unannounced.

You can just picture a young BTO owner picking up this nifty coffee table and spending countless nights behind it, chionging work on their laptop while Netflix plays in the background.

Dinner parties at a 3m-long dining table

It’s almost a tradition for new homeowners to spend most of their first few months hosting dinner parties for curious family and friends in their new abodes.

Tí Furniture’s Stretch One Dining Table can accommodate large gatherings while also turning back into a regular-sized dining table after the end of the celebrations.

Image courtesy of Tí Furniture
Stretch One Dining Table – S$1,499

Sure to be an avid party host’s favourite, the Stretch One measures a comfortable 50cm in length when retracted, but grows to a whopping 3m when it’s fully extended.

Image courtesy of Tí Furniture

The dining table comes with a retractable countertop and additional oak wood panels that can be neatly tucked underneath.

If your friends are the type to “confirm last minute”, you can simply pull out an additional panel to make more room for late joiners.

Bedroom space-saving hack with pull-down beds

A sacred room in any home, the bedroom is a safe space for us to recuperate after a long day or recharge by partaking in hobbies.

To make sure we have room for both, Tí Furniture’s Murphy Beds and their modular add-ons, DuAtt, let us craft a space that’s equally livable and flexible.

Both the Murphy One and Murphy Two come with their own shelf space while also sitting comfortably in the confines of their wooden frames.

Image courtesy of Tí Furniture
Murphy One – from S$2,299

You can pull down the beds come nighttime or store them back inside to free up some space in the bedroom. No need to worry about making your bed when you can simply stash it away.

Image courtesy of Tí Furniture
Murphy Two – from S$2,299

For families with kids who need study tables, fitting both a desk and a bed frame in one room can be a squeezy affair. Getting the Murphy Study Desk & Shelf would solve this issue, killing two birds with one stone.

Image courtesy of Tí Furniture
Murphy Study Desk & Shelf – from S$2,999

With the extra shelving space, the kids’ knick-knacks will stay planted firmly in position even while transforming the product from desk to bed and vice versa.

Image courtesy of Tí Furniture

Since playing around with the different combinations can be fun, this feature could even encourage kiddos to cultivate the habit of making their beds every morning.

Layer compartments atop each other with DuAtt

Adding dimensions to conventionally flat shelving solutions, the DuAtt is a modular attachment system from Tí Furniture.

Instead of adding shelves to the sides of the bed, these attachments are often built atop one another, surrounding the bed frame.

Image courtesy of Tí Furniture

Think of it as LEGO, but for interior design.

This helps maximise whatever space you have, leaving other parts of the bedroom free for you to paint on the weekends or crochet your lazy afternoons away.

Image courtesy of Tí Furniture

And since it’s semi-customisable, those looking to upgrade their bedroom set-ups with these attachments can contact the folks at Tí Furniture to find something that fits their living needs and the dimensions of their room to a tee.

Transform home living with Tí Furniture

After being too acquainted with our homes over the pandemic, some of us may have realised that we could do with more space-saving furniture.

Folding a table or bed in so you can have more room for guests or just yourself to lepak can make a world of a difference. Pulling out the extended features when you need them can also be extremely handy.

If you’re looking to make these smart changes for your home, you can visit Tí Furniture‘s website to book a virtual tour or enquire about the products they offer.

Once you’re ready to make a purchase, quote the promo code TI22 to enjoy 10% off all of Tí Furniture‘s products.

To stay up to date on their latest promos and innovations, you can follow Tí Furniture on Facebook and Instagram.

Make the most of your forever home with smart furniture

In land-scarce Singapore, living in smaller homes as the population grows is an inevitable reality we have to face.

But that doesn’t mean that families can’t get the furniture they need while having enough room to relax and keeping their home aesthetics on point.

Making your forever home both functional and beautiful will no longer be an uphill battle anymore.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Tí Furniture.

Featured image courtesy of Tí Furniture.

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