S’pore Woman Shares Pains Of Growing A Corporate TikTok Account, TikTokers Band Together To Help

Corporate TikTok Account Managed By Woman Gains Over 1,000 Followers After Viral Rant Video

A whole new generation is now entering the corporate world — the Gen Zs. And what they might lack in experience, they more than make up for with their social media savviness, especially on relatively newer platforms like TikTok.

On 30 Mar, TikToker Meita aka @rainysideupp shared a video lamenting the pains of trying to grow a corporate TikTok account.


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Before long, other corporate accounts – or rather, the people behind those accounts – showed up in throngs to say that they can totally relate.

Overnight, the account managed by Meita, @GrabRentalsSG, grew over a hundred times, amassing more than 1,200 followers.

Corporate TikTok accounts relate to rant

On 30 Mar, Meita took to her personal TikTok account to share the struggles of handling a corporate TikTok account.

In the video, she talks about the painful reality of getting no views and no followers on TikTok.


She added that, unlike what other TikTokers might resort to, one cannot just make a thirst trap for views on a corporate account.

With that, she urged those behind corporate accounts to help her and each other out.

The video soon went viral and got the attention of other corporate accounts in Singapore and beyond. And boy, could they relate.

TikTokers corporate accountSource

Accounts including Uniqlo Malaysia and the NParks responded in solidarity with Meita, sharing her sentiments.


Even Mediacorp piped in with a short but succinct message, “help”.

TikTokers corporate accountSource

Besides that, TheSmartLocal, Universal Music Singapore, Sephora, and Nanyang Polytechnic also chimed in to show their support.

News sites like The Straits Times (ST) and – no, this is not a shameless plug – MS News joined the conversation as well.

TikTokers corporate accountSource

Meita’s video has since garnered over 406,500 views.

Shares pains of growing a corporate TikTok account

In the comments section, Meita revealed that the corporate TikTok account she manages is @GrabRentalsSG and that she works in the marketing department.

GrabRentals is a service that provides vehicles and power-assisted bicycle (PAB) rentals for Grab drivers and delivery partners.

She later shared in a subsequent video that the account “blew up” thanks to all the support she received.


Reply to @chelvocado when the whole of tiktok banded together to help a sis out 😭😭😭😭 #viralsg #tiktoksg #fyp

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Speaking to MS News, Meita revealed that the number of GrabRentals’ TikTok followers grew a hundredfold from 10 to over 1,200 thanks to her vid.

It was actually her idea to start a TikTok page for GrabRentals to reach a younger demographic. Meita was excited to manage it at first, having been successful with her own TikTok account, where she posts fitness and lifestyle content for over 9,000 followers.

However, she soon realised that managing a corporate account is very different from running a personal one. She struggled to come up with engaging video ideas that would reach their target audience.

She found out that this was a common issue after speaking to friends in the same industry. After all, the TikTok algorithm can be a tough one to crack.

Meita also noted that it can be challenging to explain TikTok trends to supervisors and get them to approve videos in time, especially on such a fast-paced platform.

TikTokers help grow corporate TikTok account

Facing all these difficulties was why Meita decided to share the clip, thinking it would be funny and relatable to others working in the same field.

According to Meita, the video started amassing more and more views after other big corporate accounts started showing up. People were tickled that companies like FairPrice and ST were relating to her struggles.

Meita does admit that her rant post was a conscious strategy to use her own followers as a base to promote her corporate account. And it definitely worked — so much more than she could have imagined.

TikTokers corporate accountSource

She tells MS News that her supervisors, including the head of GrabRentals, were “pleasantly surprised” by how fast the account had grown.

And, of course, seeing all those corporate accounts flooding the comments with support was a heartwarming moment for her. It made her feel like she was not on this journey alone.

Meita then took the opportunity to give a shoutout to all the social media managers out there working hard to run corporate TikTok accounts.

Wishing her all the best in her career

Social media is such a free-for-all game that successfully running a corporate account is no easy feat.

This is perhaps all the more so on TikTok, a platform that plays by its own rules and has countless clips competing for viral status.

We’re glad Meita took a chance and it all paid off for her. MS News wishes her all the best in her career going forward!

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Featured image adapted from @rainysideupp on TikTok and TikTok.

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