TikTok Video Shows Hassle Of Indoor & Outdoor Mask Rules, S’poreans Still Thankful For Change

Viral TikTok Video Captures Struggle Of Mask Regulations

Singaporeans everywhere rejoiced the second mask-wearing policies were relaxed from 29 Mar onwards.

In celebration of no longer needing our masks outdoors, a parody on TikTok provides us with a hilarious outlook on how to abide by this new regulation.


新加坡即将不用戴口罩了?!但是还是有些地方需要戴口罩的……3月29日起,人们在户外可以选择不戴口罩,但是室内任需强制戴口罩!#新加坡 #戴口罩 #无肉小姐姐

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Within the video, the OP accurately captures the struggle of constantly needing to put a mask off and on.

Netizens can relate to the parody, with some expressing their gratitude for the policy due to the freedom given to Singaporeans.

TikTok video exaggerates mask struggles

On 24 Mar, PM Lee announced in his national address that Singaporeans would be able to take their masks off while outdoors. The policy will come into effect from today (29 Mar).

The differentiation between which situations require a mask and which do not has invited some confusion. A TikTok user decided to make a parody to explain the policy.


She said Singaporeans can pull off their mask in open areas like the streets and bus stops.


However, closed-off areas like shopping malls and eateries will require a mask.


She demonstrates more settings where she took off and wore her mask, such as alighting the bus, walking into a shopping mall, and having a McDonald’s meal.

The OP ends the video with a laugh track to convey the nature of her parody.

Singaporeans are still thankful for mask-off policy

Since its post on 28 Mar, the spoof has gone viral. Many commenters appreciate the light-hearted nature of the video. Others, however, find themselves relating to the message behind it.

Various commenters joked that pulling their masks on and off reminds them of the army.


On the other hand, other netizens find themselves grateful for the policy.

Many have pointed out that a mask-off policy feels even more essential in Singapore’s scorching weather.


Workers who have to toil beneath the sun will be able to breathe easier if they do not have to keep their masks on.

Furthermore, as another user says, we would no longer have to suffer from a sweaty upper lip beneath our masks.


In addition, pulling your mask on and off is not as big a struggle as the video claims- placing it on your chin would suffice.

Of course, the video is meant to be a parody poking fun at the mask-off policy. As users on Reddit point out, it really is just a light-hearted outlook on the struggle of taking off your mask and putting it back on.


Even so, the OP seems to have captured the essence of the policy perfectly. All you will have to do is keep a mask on when there’s a roof over your head.

Mask-off policy is a great change

The easing of restrictions on wearing a mask comes as a relief for many of us. For those who work outdoors or have medical issues, we have experienced difficulties staying masked.

The policy is a great help for those who may need it. And for the rest of us not wishing to broadcast the lower half of our faces to the public, keeping it on all the time is definitely still an option.

Here’s a handy guide for you to take note of.

Will you be keeping your mask on while venturing outdoors? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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Featured image adapted from TikTok.

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