Toddler Runs Into Path Of Oncoming Vehicle, Grabbed By Man After 16 Seconds

Those who have children will know that at a certain age, you can’t stop them from getting into mischief.

Toddlers love to explore new places, but might not be aware of the inherent dangers that they pose. Sometimes, they may give parents a heart attack when they run into dangerous places.

That seems to be what happened in footage of what appears a be a young kid suddenly running onto a road in Singapore. Thankfully, the driver of the vehicle with the dashcam  was alert and did not knock into the kid.

You can view the video in full here.

Heart-attack inducing footage

On Monday (10 Aug), the heart attack-inducing footage was uploaded onto the All Singapore Stuff Facebook page.

The exact location of the incident was not disclosed and is hard to ascertain given the quality of the video.

However, according to the timestamp at the bottom-left corner of the footage, the video was recorded on National Day (9 Aug) at around 10.25pm.

Child seemingly appears out of nowhere

At the start of the video, the car that had the dashcam was seen to be moving from a stationary position as it turned left.


As the vehicle passes an intersection, a toddler dressed in pink seemingly appears out of nowhere, and is seen near the kerb.

The kid appears to have fallen down, but gets back on his or her feet and begins running into the road — straight into the path of the vehicle.


Thankfully, the vehicle was travelling at a modest speed, and the driver quickly slowed down to an almost-stop, before the vehicle knocked into the child.

Man runs up & grabs kid

Seemingly unaware of the danger, the toddler bizarrely starts sprinting on the road itself, in the same direction as traffic.


The vehicle with the dashcam follows closely behind, keeping a safe distance behind the child.


After about 16 seconds, a man wearing a navy blue T-shirt – presumably the toddler’s father – starts to give chase.


After sprinting for roughly 10 seconds, the man finally catches up with the toddler and scoops the young child to safety.

The kid can be seen struggling and kicking his or her legs in the air while in the man’s arms.


A close shave indeed.

Netizens praise driver for being vigilant

The video has gone viral, with over 900 shares at the time of writing. It also garnered a fair share of comments, most of which praised the driver for being alert.


A fair number of netizens also criticised the presumed father, pointing out that he could have come to the kid’s aid sooner.


Others sympathised with the man, claiming that kids can be “speed demons” and are superb at getting away.


Have u seen similar incidents?

Kudos to the alert driver for slowing down in time and preventing an accident.

We hope the toddler’s parents or guardians will keep a closer eye on the kid in the future to prevent similar escapes – they might not end as well as this one.

Have you witnessed such an incident in real life? Share your experiences in the comments below!

Featured image adapted from Facebook.