Toddler In China Falls With Chopstick In Mouth, It Pierces Her Brain But She Miraculously Survives

1-Year-Old Toddler In China Falls With Chopstick In Mouth While Jumping

Children are often full of energy and cannot sit still for long, especially during meal times. It is also natural for them to put things in their mouth out of curiosity.

For this playful toddler in Wuhan, China, things took a horrible turn. According to Malaysian portal Sinchew Daily on Wednesday (2 Oct), a 1-year old toddler was playing with a chopstick while eating.

While she was jumping about, she suddenly fell down, shocking her family.

The chopstick that she was holding ended up piercing a part of her brain through her mouth.

CT scan of the toddler with the chopstick in her mouth

Chopstick pierced cerebellum & neck vein of toddler

The toddler’s family immediately rushed her to the hospital to seek medical attention.

The doctor did a CT scan for her before arranging for a surgery. They found out that the chopstick penetrated 2cm of her cerebellum.

If you’re unsure which part of the brain that is, here’s a diagram for your reference.


The chopstick also pierced through a vein in her neck.

Toddler miraculously survives

Fortunately, it did not penetrate the brain stem, which could have been fatal for the toddler. The surgery to remove the chopstick was a success.


She is currently recuperating and receiving treatment in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit. However, she’s still at risk of infection.

Keep an eye on your children

The doctor said the hospital sees 10 similar cases annually, according to Chinese portal ETtoday. He advised parents against letting children walk around or play while eating.

Even though this incident happened in China, chopsticks are still an essential part of Singaporeans’ lives.

This story is a good reason why parents should supervise their children closely while they are eating and playing. So, do pay close attention to any objects they pick up.

We wish this girl a speedy recovery and hope she stays healthy, and away from accidents.

Featured image adapted from Sinchew Daily.

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