Touch ‘n Go Top-Ups At JB Checkpoint Caused Traffic Jams On Causeway

Heading to Malaysia for the weekend? Take note that you won’t be able to top up your Touch ‘n Go Cards when entering Malaysia anymore.

That’s because Malaysian authorities have removed the Touch ‘n Go top-up station at the Sultan Iskandar Building. The building is located at the other end of the Causeway.

The new system affects drivers of passenger cars and motorcycles. It does not affect those driving lorries and and buses.

The news was confirmed by a member of the Johor Transport committee, reports Channel NewsAsia. The committee member explained that the removal was aimed at reducing traffic jams caused by drivers topping up their cards.

But those leaving JB will still be able to top up their cards at the Causeway.

It is unclear if the new system has been implemented at Second Link, the other overland connection between Singapore and Malaysia.

Any significant impact on motorists?

The removal of the top-up lane at the checkpoint shouldn’t have any significant impact on motorists travelling to Malaysia.

After all, drivers need not pay toll charges when entering Malaysia, as a result of a newly-implemented measure in June this year. Now, motorists only have to pay these charges when they leave the country.

Drivers with insufficient value in their Touch ‘n Go cards will also be allowed entry into Malaysia. These drivers can then proceed to top-up their cards at selected outlets in Malaysia before leaving.

The cards can be topped up at various locations, among them Watsons and Giant outlets.

What do you think? Are there any other unforeseen inconveniences that might arise as a result of these measures?

Featured Image from Worldnews.easybranches