Tourism Malaysia Hopes Singaporeans Will Rediscover Our Local Attractions

The United Kingdom (UK) is currently under a Covid-19 lockdown. Businesses like Burger King have asked their customers to buy from McDonald’s to keep the industry alive.

Burger King UK Tells People To Order From McDonald’s, Rallies Support For F&B Outlets In Wake Of Lockdown

Tourism Malaysia emulated Burger King’s rallying call and issued an ad urging Singaporeans to rediscover local attractions.

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While they’d hoped travellers would visit their attractions if there wasn’t a pandemic, our local ones currently need some love as well.

Tourism Malaysia says “Singapoliday” will do for now

In a Facebook post, Tourism Malaysia said they’d never expected to ask us to support our island nation’s attractions instead of coming over to visit Malaysia.

However, borders are still closed and the hospitality industry on both sides of the Causeway face the same struggle: A lack of tourists.

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As such, Tourism Malaysia said though they wished Singaporeans could come and enjoy sunny Pulau Redang, Sentosa is just as good.


They also said their friends in Singapore’s tourism industry could use our support right now.

We’re all in this together

Looks like Singaporeans are supportive of this heartwarming statement. They agreed it’s important to support one another in times of crisis.

One Singaporean is thankful for the well wishes and hopes to visit Malaysia once the Covid-19 pandemic blows over.

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Another netizen said they miss Malaysia and hopes our friends across the border stay safe.

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A Facebook user noted it’s important to look out for one another during trying times.


Truly, in times like this, picking sides doesn’t help in facing a common foe.

Competitors in other industries send encouragement

Tourism Malaysia isn’t the only one asking people to support their competitors.

Burger King UK recently asked their customers to order from their competitors.

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They said thousands of employees in the F&B industry need support regardless of brand.

We must say that it’s heartening to see brands calling a truce to emerge from the pandemic together.

Continuing with our staycations

Perhaps there is some sense in what Tourism Malaysia and Burger King said.

Employees in both the F&B and tourism sectors are struggling during the Covid-19 pandemic. This was especially true during the Circuit Breaker period, when movement was restricted.

Maybe we should use those upcoming tourism vouchers to rediscover local attractions.

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Featured image adapted from Sentosa.