S’porean Makes Travel Bucket List For Our Little Red Dot Since We Can’t Fly Anywhere

Man Challenges Singaporeans To Complete Travel Bucket List Within The Year

The Covid-19 pandemic has made travelling a distant dream.

Stuck within the confines of our tiny island city, many lament about their cancelled travel plans.

A Singaporean man decided to make the most of the situation.

He combats the notion that there is “nothing to do” in Singapore by creating a travel bucket kist of 122 locations in Singapore.


The avid traveller shared his compilation on a Facebook post on Sunday (16 Aug).

Singaporeans seem to be reacting well to the challenge, given that the post garnered over 2,000 shares at the time of writing.

Travel bucket list has 122 locations around Singapore

The Singaporean man collated a long and extensive list of both popular and lesser known places to explore in Singapore.

First off, he listed the locations he had already managed to visit.

This includes local attractions that Singaporeans are more familiar with like Sentosa, Haji Lane, and Coney Island.

Some places are less familiar, like Lazarus island and the 9.5km Pipeline Trail from Hillview to Marsiling.


While 57 locations may sound like a lot, the man is nowhere near done.

He has checked off only about half his list, a testament to the vastness of his compilation.

He goes on to name 56 more places that he has “yet to complete”.

Travel bucket listSource

This compilation includes quite a few places that the average joe would not have heard of such as Pulau Jong, an island 6km off our Southern coast.

For thrill seekers who enjoy taking the path less travelled, here’s 9 places just for you!

Travel bucket listSource

For the truly adventurous, looking to get their heart pumping, you might even be daring enough to visit more “haunted” locations like Bukit Brown Cemetery, Haw Par Villa, or Old Changi Hospital.

Don’t forget, there’s also the added exhilaration of it currently being the 7th month of the lunar calendar — that’s your kind of thing.

While these places may sound exciting, do remember to only venture into them legally.

Some places like Neo Tiew Estate has been fenced up so you can only take photos from a distance.

Invited Singaporeans to contribute to his travel bucket list

The Singaporean man issued the Travel Bucket List Challenge, with the deadline being the end of the year.

He even invites Singaporeans to contribute to his list of travel-worthy locations and share their adventures.

You can view and give suggestions in the Facebook post here.

Singaporean man is an avid traveller

The Singaporean who compiled the long list is an avid traveller and blogger who has been to over 60 countries.

Travel bucket listSource

He also regularly documents his adventures on his Facebook page.

Travel bucket listSource

This is one of his recent ventures to Thomson Nature Park.

Support local tourism

Whether you are out to seek a quiet day of solitude in the comfort of an air-conditioned museum or a day out with friends on a remote island, there’s something for you in the list.

With travel being put on hold for most people as the world battles a global pandemic, this is perhaps the perfect opportunity for us to explore our own country.

The government has also been actively pushing for Singaporeans to support local tourism and businesses.

And with countless vouchers and discounts being rolled out, there’s really no better time.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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