Toys R Us Anniversary Sale Has Up To 50% Off On Nerf Guns, Transformers & LEGO Till 15 Oct

Toys R Us Anniversary Sale Has 50% Off Deals In Stores Islandwide Till 15 Oct

Parents who want to make their kids happy should be on the lookout for the anniversary sale of Toys R Us.

To celebrate its 35th birthday, the company is offering toys from Nerf, Transformers, and Lego for half the price. The sale runs until next Tuesday (15 Oct) in all of their outlets islandwide.

From cars to Nerf guns and even football tabletops, here’s a look at their hottest deals.

Nerf gun & Transformers figurine from $17.49

Ignite rivalries with friends and siblings through Nerf guns with special effects, fast reload buttons, unlimited ammo and health indicators. You can get a set of 2 for $59.29.

This is one way you can encourage kids to play outside, instead of staring at their iPads.


Bumblebee and Optimus Prime fans can have imaginary robot-themed battles thanks to these Energon Igniters Nitro for $17.49 each.


Formula 1 enthusiasts can foster a love for race in their kids through Fastlane’s 35-piece tube set at $29.90.

This proves that you don’t need to break the bank to build a car collection though we hope it’s the same in real life too.


LEGO set from $6.49

Kiddos who aspire to use their creativity to build structures should check out these deals on LEGO sets.

The LEGO Friends Summer Heart Box feature underwater scooters, beach-towel inspired tiles and large crabs for $6.49.


We definitely believe kids will share your excitement for tropical vacations after getting their hands on this.

Future explorers can traverse cold winter landscapes through the LEGO City Arctic Scout Truck. The vehicle features an onboard analysis station, loading bay for snow bikes, lights and polar bears for $49.99.


LEGO Friends’ Olivia loves inventing gadgets for animals like high-tech hamster wheels and mini motorbikes for mice for $7.49.


This build is ideal for aspiring scientists who want to venture into science and engineering fields.

Tabletop Football & Bunchems

Families who want to compete can play with this 20-inch Wooden Tabletop Football for $24.99.


Bunchems are vibrant balls covered with tiny hooks. They can be combined with other balls to form figures and models like this orange unicorn for $14.99.


Soar to the heavens with the Sylvanian family through this flying machine by Cedric Walnut for $29.99.


We’re hoping we can fly with friends too instead of commuting daily.

Toys R Us anniversary sale till 15 Oct

The Toys R Us sale will be available islandwide until 15 Oct.

These deals are only a few out of the many offers that they’ll have in-stores.

The company will also have weekend activities scheduled at their Vivocity Flagship stores featuring Star Wars, Beyblade and Nerf. You may view their promotional poster from Money Digest.

Make plans to visit Toys R Us branches because we doubt these toys will immediately fly from the shelves.

What are the toys you’d like to buy for your kids and nieces? Let us know in the comments.

Featured image from Instagram. 

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