Toys “R” Us Warehouse Sale Has 80% Off Power Ranger Toys & More Till 5 May

Toys “R” Us Warehouse Sale At United Square Till 5 May

Ever curved on a Toys “R” Us store knowing that your little one would probably be weeping on the shopping mall floor, begging you to buy a plastic figure worth as much as $50?


With Toys “R” Us’s warehouse sale at United Square, you let your child believe there is no better parent than you, while saving your money.


Here are the items that you can expect at the sale.

Power Rangers action figures & accessories

Power Rangers are a favourite regardless of age & their toys are a must have for true fans. If your child is one, you can get him or her this huge figurine without burning a hole in your wallet.


Lion Fire Fortress Zord, which has as many as 3 modes of play, is going for just $70, down from $299.99 each — that’s roughly an 80% discount.


Whether you are a child or a full grown adult, everyone enjoys a sword fighting match. You can take your sword fighting game to a whole new level with a sword from Power Rangers’s Ninja Steel collection at just $25.99 (U.P. $99.99 each).

DIY toys for creative kids

Aquabeads are undoubtedly one of the most fun toys to play with for both boys and girls. However, these plastic beads can cost as much as $40 per box.

At Toys “R” Us’s warehouse sale, you can get a box for as low as $9.99.


The Finding Dory, Cars & Beadtastic Aquabeads Sets are going for $9.99 (U.P. $19.99 each), $12.99 (U.P. $29.99 each)  & $29.99 (U.P. $49.99 each) respectively.


You can also find Aquabeads of other popular cartoons like Frozen, Finding Nemo, Minnie Mouse and even Mario Kart.


No one can say no to lego. This may be one of those toys that you can buy for almost anyone. You can get Ban Bao lego bucket sets or box sets at just $29.99 (U.P. $69.99 each) & $39.99 (U.P. $79.99 each) respectively.

The pain of losing a lego or an Aquabead to the side of the sofa or under the bed is real. Promotions like these will lessen your pain when you inevitably lose the beads or legos in an unknown corner in your house.

Toy cars, trucks, doll houses & mock cashier sets

Racing toy cars are a classic childhood memory and remain a favourite till today.


You can get a fancy looking red Phantom Racer car for just $22.99 (U.P. $34.99 each) or a Shadow Cyclone at $22.99 (U.P. $49.99 each).


If you’d rather have your child play at being responsible homeowners instead, why not get one of these cute doll houses for only $10?


Once they’ve caught the adulting bug, you’d want them to learn how to handle money well too, so these toy cashier sets would be the perfect way to practise.


The kids will love the thrill of scanning and registering mock groceries.

Baby toys & other baby products

Spending on milk formula, diapers and the works already cost a lot, so you’d probably want to be careful with splurging on toys.


But it’s hard to say no to a cherubic face, so you can afford to fork out a bit of money for these alphabet activity cubes or a cute, 3-in-1 scooter. They’re definitely investments worth making.


The baby care section has an array of other baby products/toys are on sale, so go check it out for yourself.


Hurry down to United Square before 5 May

This is an unbeatable sale you will not want to miss out on. Head down to Toys “R” Us’s sale at the United Square atrium before 5 May to get your hands on as many toys as possible.

Here are other details you should take note of:

Operating Hours:

  • 1-4 May: 11am – 9pm
  • 5 May: 11am – 6pm

Address: 101 Thomson Rd, Singapore 307591
Nearest MRT Station:

Featured image from United Square and Facebook.

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