BBC Food Host Tells Uncle Roger She Was Trolled, Says She Knows How To Cook Rice

Malaysian Comedian Uncle Roger & BBC Food Host Hersha Patel Will Star In Upcoming Video Together

There’s been quite an uproar over rice of late, especially on ways to cook this Asian diet staple.

In particular, people have a lot to say about BBC Food’s rice cooking recipe.

If you’ve missed this robust discussion, here’s the legendary video — complete with an ‘Asian uncle’ reacting to it.

All’s good though apparently, as we learnt that the Asian uncle in question – Uncle Roger who is actually a Malaysian comedian called Nigel – met up with BBC Food host Hersha Patel for dinner.

Image taken from Nigel Ng’s Instagram story

Among the things they were discussing about – other than rice, of course – is an upcoming collaboration video featuring the 2 personalities.

We trust Asian mums are waiting for it.

BBC host tells Uncle Roger she was trolled

On Saturday (25 Jul), Uncle Roger – based in the United Kingdom – and Hersha Patel posted a video of their evening rendezvous.

He reveals that he met Ms Patel for dinner, before quickly turning on gentleman mode and tells fans not to “post anything mean on Instagram.”

Hersha’s really good, she’s a great presenter, really funny, but don’t post anything mean on Instagram alright. Otherwise, Uncle Roger will come for you.

To which, Ms Patel quickly adds,

I’ve been trolled!

She takes the brief opportunity to clarify this:

I was doing a job for the BBC, presenting their recipes. I know how to cook rice! And that’s all I’m saying about that.

Upcoming video will show how BBC host actually cooks rice

There’s something more exciting in the works. We’ll get to see Ms Patel prove her point as Uncle Roger reveals in the video their collaboration plans.

He said his next video will show him going to Ms Patel’s place, where she will demonstrate how she actually makes rice.

Image taken from Nigel Ng’s Instagram story

Meanwhile in everywhere else in Asia, we’re all waiting with bated breath.

BBC Food video showed rice being cooked like pasta

BBC Food’s video quickly took Asians by storm when it featured Ms Patel as host, draining water from half-cooked rice.


The method is similar to how one usually cooks pasta, and we were all stunned like Uncle Roger when she drained the water using a colander.

On top of that, the rice is rinsed again.

Looking forward to seeing rice being cooked the Asian way

Now that Ms Patel has clarified that she was actually trolled, this begs the question — who on earth from BBC Food wrote that unholy rice recipe?

We certainly look forward to seeing Uncle Roger’s next video where we see rice being cooked the true, Asian way.

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Featured image adapted from Uncle Roger on Instagram and YouTube.

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